Album Review: Rope Enough For Two – DayGlo Mourning/Bludy Gyres


From Atlanta, Georgia comes two downtuned doom bands – Dayglo Mourning and Bludy Gyres. Their split, ‘Rope Enough For Two‘, features three gritty songs from Dayglo Mourning, and a tale about battling among giants from Bludy Gyres.

                                                Choose Your Own Sludge Adventure!

You’re stumbling through muddied swamp waters. The moon’s reflection in the water breaks apart and blends back into itself with every wave you create as you trudge on deeper into darkness. Water spills over the top of your boots and soaks the clothing and appendages inside. Your boots get heavier and soggier the further you tread, but ahead you see a stretch of solid ground above the water to your far left. To your right, however, there is a decrepit marble building partially submerged in the water. Without a second thought, you head toward

A) Solid ground, obviously! Your socks are completely soaked!

B) The eerie structure because you love a good spook!

A) – You decide to go toward high ground in order to get out of the muck. Fumbling through the thick, swampy foliage, you manage to achingly claw your way above water and up onto the hill. Falling to your knees, you take in a face full of dirt. Wiping said dirt from your eyes, you see that you’ve stumbled upon a clearing. Blinking wildly, your eyesight adjusts to the darkness before you and you spot what appears to be… gravestones? You traipse forward, moving closer to these death markers. Squinting your eyes, you can make out  three figures lounging atop the headstones. Frightened, you wait in the bushes refusing to let your presence be known. Without warning, the figures begin to move about and one grabs what appears to be a stringed instrument. Suddenly, a ultra heavy riff sounds and a huge gust of winds sends you flying backward. From your now seated position, you feel the ground begin to shake as a bass line is added. The tremendously thick vibrations from the instruments cause the ground to forcefully crack open, and from this newly formed rift in the earth a set of drums begins to ascend. Before you stands a trifecta of sludge – Dayglo Mourning. With gritty vocals from Jerimy McNeil (bass) and Joseph Mills (guitar), and instruments (Ray Miner – drums) that sound as though they were recorded through thick mud, this Atlanta band is here to bring you down with hefty riffs. Three of their songs can be found on the ‘Rope Enough For Two‘ split with Bludy Gyres.

B) – You make your way through the water toward the building. You duck under the fallen archway and scoot inside. The interior smells of must and decay. A thin beam of moonlight peeks in and the ray falls upon a small object in the corner. Your eyes follow the beam to the object and you head toward it, climbing over crumbling pillars. You reach the object and see that it is a small wooden carving of an ogre-like creature. You’re compelled to reach out and grab it, but a voice beckons you not to. You remind yourself not to listen to disembodied voices because that’s creepy (obviously), so you take hold of the little figurine. The moment your cold fingers curl around the item, a sonic boom of distorted guitar tones rattle throughout your brain, and you hear the same disembodied voice yell, “Behold! Your world now burns!” This is the title of the eighteen minute long piece from Bludy Gyres. This Atlanta band’s crunchy riffage and fuzzed-out sound can be found on the opposite side of the ‘Rope Enough For Two‘ split. With guitars (Chris Abbamonte and Isidore Herman) that sound like piercing static growls and the stomping of Dennis Reid’s drums, the beginning of this song sounds like waking up after being dazed. Dust is settling and you believe you’re safe until you hear the thumping of warped strings. Tommy Stewart’s voice alone is enough to make even the biggest of giants cower in fear.

If you’re looking to go on a doom metal excursion, then I insist you go while listening to the ‘Rope Enough For Two‘ split.

Rating: 4/5

Let the adventure begin!

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