Album Review – Nanoångström – Bast


Many times it takes multiple listens to an album before it grows on you. However, Nanoångström does not fall into that category. I liked this album from the the very first time I heard it.  I had high expectations for this album because of how great their debut album was (“Spectres” released 2014).  Needless to say, I was not disappointed.


The album starts out with a trance like instrumental track, “Distant Suns“. The style of Black Metal is very atmospheric in nature and this track leads straight into the song “Far Horizons“, which carries on the Atmospheric Black Metal vibe but quickly changes pace with some steady mid-paced doom laden riffs.  The lyrics throughout the album seem secondary to the rest to the instrumentation. They have plenty of emotion but they become more a part of the background.  On “The Beckoning Void“, Bast slows down the tempo and finishes with a very powerful slow paced eerie Doom ending. This leads into the title track that is certainly one of the more powerful songs on the album.


Nanoångström” is great even as a stand alone track.  The doom riffs in the beginning are powerful and fade into a Atmospheric/Melodic Black Metal track.  I get chills when I crank this song up. Bast are able to change the tempo on “A Red Line Through Black” with a powerful faster paced ending that is epic.  The final song, “The Ghosts Which Haunt the Space Between the Stars”, is a fitting end to this album. The tracks that come before lead into this powerful track perfectly. The vocals show so much emotion, the guitar riffs are powerful, and the blast beats will leave will have your heart racing.


I am having a hard time finding anything negative to say about Bast‘s second full release album. I will say that some of the songs sound similar, but this album is meant to be enjoyed in its entirety.  I would place this album up there with some of the other great Blackened Doom albums such as BethlehemDark Metal“, and The Ruins of Beverast‘s “Rain Upon the Impure” and “Exuvia“. Yes, this album is that good. If you are a fan of Atmospheric Black Metal and Doom Metal then you should certainly give this album a spin.  You will not be disappointed.

Rating 4.5/5

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