Album Review: Pain Will Define Their Death – Vitriol


Are you into brutal Death Metal that is pummeling, aggressive, and just straight up vicious? WELL COME THE FUCK ON DOWN! You may already be familiar with these guys since their debut EP, “Pain Will Define Their Death” came out last year, but I have to say when they got signed to Everlasting Spew Records its like a whole new light came about. Maybe not light but absolute smothering darkness. If you’re not familiar with these guys then here’s a crash course. GET FUCKING READY!

Hailing from the Pacific Northwest these Portlander’s know their sound and boy do they share it with us in no uncertain terms. The start of this effort just rips right into it without any warning. Drums pounding your head and a screeching guitar that could cut through any kind of peaceful meditation. If you’re a fan of blast beats then this EP will be one of your favorites. Plenty of blasts and fast obscure guitar notes that just work and completely decapitate you in the end, make you pick back up your head and do it all over again. Three minutes into the first song, “Pain Will Define Their Death” it has one of the most headbangable riffs of the last two years. Seriously it’s one of my favorites.

As you move through this EP there you are given no opportunity to tell your loved ones you love them, tie your own shoes, or even wipe your own ass. It’s one million percent in your face the whole time, and it will fucking destroy you.

The reason this is getting the go around again is because not only have Vitriol signed with Everlasting Spew Records, they have added a fourth song to this already INSANE EP titled, “The Parting of the Neck” and wouldn’t ya know it, the song lives up to the title  as of right now my neck feels like it has been separated from my body from all of the headbanging. If you thought for a second that they would back off even a little bit you’re severely fucking mistaken. This new number starts just like all of their other ones with just in your face riffing and blast beats from out of this world. With song titles like, “Violence, A worthy Truth” and “Victim” you know where these guys stand as far as writing music. A flurry of intense riffs, vocals and drums to boot. As only a three piece band they sound like there are ten thousand chainsaws going at all times and it is indeed glorious.

Giorgio, Tito, and the whole crew over at Everlasting Spew Records have been absolutely killing it with their signings over the last couple of years and in 2018 their growing roster just keeps building and building, with a fair share of the new comers to the label not being newcomers at all. they are officially established with such a sick label and this EP is a good look into the future of the band to never let up and always keep it in your ass.

A very solid outing by these guys and I would totally recommend it to anyone but especially to fans of bands like, Hate Eternal, Aborted, Dying Fetus and the like. It’s brutal and fantastic.

Incite a riot and blare this through your speakers.

Rating – 5/5

Find this right here!

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