Album Review: Diseased Remnants of a Dying World- Dødsferd

When you picture our world in utter decay on the brink of death what is it that you see? Perhaps one that is in turmoil and pain at every turn and there is no hiding the fact that everything is in a downward spiral. Those are some pretty heavy things to think about.

With all that in mind Greece’s very own Dødsferd have a new album on the horizon that is set to be released via Transcending Obscurity Records entitled Diseased Remnants of a Dying World. For those who do not know Dødsferd have been making their rounds in the underground for the past 20 years or so, mixing their eclectic blend of Black Metal to soothe the soul if you are into that kind of thing. It’s no secret that we here at The Metal Wanderlust fancy this daily.

The opening track My Father, My Wrath! is a haunting introduction to the world that is being painted by this album. Clean vocals resonate throughout the song, while everything around you is slowly falling apart. Once the second track An Existence Without Purpose starts the magic of Dødsferd is front and center. Wrath’s vocals kick in, mixed with crisp melodic Black Metal riffage that transports the listener into an alternate dismal reality. The atmosphere that is present speaks volumes and encompasses the bands sound with innate originality. As everything progresses this album is surely evolving into a classic.

The title track is the icing on the cake and adds an icy layer to quell the fiery wrath. Pain and anguish are prominent amidst the echoes of melodic harmonies. Slower passages emerge and grow with every measure that leave a lingering sensation of melancholic longing.

Loyal to the Black Oath introduces some tortured DSBM vocals into the mix and they meld perfectly in unison with the rest of the album. It does not take away from the other songs in fact it only adds to the heaviness and despair. There is so much going on with this album and it is a journey to be taken, and one that will speak to and cater to fans of the extreme metal scene.

The closing track Back to My Homeland… My Last Breath is a spoken song and it serves as a good ending. It really brings everything to a close and adds an essence of finality to the message, in actuality the last breath of life.

My emotions were definitely running high and it spoke to me immensely and reminded me why Black Metal holds such a special place in my world. This is sure to hold a very high spot on year end lists and deserves every ounce of recognition. This has grabbed hold and will not let go, and I keep finding myself adventuring back to listen to it again and again.

Diseased Remnants of a Dying World is set to be released December 14th via Transcending Obscurity Records.

Rating: 5/5

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