Album Review: Monuments of Misanthropy – Pulverized


I have often questioned what’s in a name when doing reviews. Do you call yourself ‘Cattle fucker’ because you actually fuck cows? Do you have a reference to a goat in your name just to be all Satanic and shit? Does having a reference to a war in your name make you suddenly all about war? Nope. So here we have Chile’s Pulverized, and guess what…yep, they don’t live up to their name at all…

Ha-ha, just kidding,They own it. But not only have they decided to name themselves something that basically means you have been pounded into the dust or some sort of flour or something, they have chosen an album title that will either make some amount of sense, or have us all chuckle a bit and move on. ‘Monuments of Misanthropy’ surely states that they are huge haters of us all, or are building massive structures to hate with, or, actually fuck it, you’ll work it out for yourself in no time flat trust me.

Six songs in length, and their first full length hey? Started on this course of madness in around 2006, two demo’s released, in the name of 2010’s “2010 Demo”, a fairly apt title one would think for a demo, and then followed with 2014’s “Decadencia Espiritual” (loosely ‘Spiritual Decadence’), these five fine Spanish speaking mad bastards haven’t been overly prolific in twelve years, and that for us seems to be a good thing. Quality over quantity is a rare commodity in this day and age.

So what do we have from these here people? One fucking crushing debut by all means. “Devoción” kicks off proceedings with all the fury of, well, a pack of mad fuckers intent on riffing the living shit out of you, beating you to within an inch of your life with their percussive elements, and making you feel generally unwell about  being a human being. On a side note, some of this is sung in Spanish as well, but never fear, you will pick up precisely what they are on about, and none of it is pleasant


Consumed By Ignorance”, track two by the way, begins with the sound of pure    malevolence. Yes, these guys REALLY fucking hate everything, including you. A prime example of Pulverized’s ability to mix it up a little, with tempo changes galore and a little something for everyone. Just remember that they hate you, and you will be fine. They may also hate your cat, dog, or any other thing you hold dear, so keep that in mind. Guitar Solos run the gamut of near insanity, and yet never fail to deliver. Intricacy follows riffery and smashery, and is well in the world.

Track three “In The Depths of Insanity” is not, to quote a phrase, “Pissing in your pocket”. Reminiscent of some of the finest bands around back in the day, and the lead guitar work is spectacular again. Pulverized certainly lack no ability in the ‘hitting you right in the Old School Feels department’, and if you are a fan of anything Death Metal related, this will sit quite well on your palate.

I’m not going to lead you by the hand anymore. Well. Okay, “Aniquilación Genética” is just as good as it gets. Fucking rifforama of the highest order, and really putting these guys up in the realm of some of the finest OSDM ever made. The rest is in your hands, even though they may hate you, or want to push us all away, we should embrace them, love them, and hopefully they will return to wherever they came from and make some more statues of hatred. Scare em away you lot, they want us to! A damn fine pounding indeed this one, so take it!

 ‘Adiós, impresionantes folladores. hasta la proxima vez!’  (loosely, ‘Goodbye awesome fuckers! Until next time!’)          

Rating: 4/5

Loathe yourself right here!

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