Album Review: Through Wilderness – Mortuous


Filtering through all of the so called, “Fake news” these days can be a daunting task. Determining who to listen to and what side to be on regardless of if it’s right or wrong as long as it fits your agenda is easy, so for one to say that we are in a second golden age of Death Metal the other might tell you to fuck off and not to compare these new guys with their beloved overlords. But I, That Astronaut Guy am here to say one thing. WE ARE IN ANOTHER GOLDEN AGE OF DEATH METAL!! Everything that releases these days seem to just get better and better. There are few albums this year that I haven’t liked and they lie in the technical spectrum but we won’t get into that.

All of that to brings me to this. Mortuous are on the front lines of the battle in this regard.. Stringing out a couple demos from 2010 to 2012, the camp has been relatively quiet until, you guessed it, THE SECOND COMING OF THE GOLDEN AGE!

With their debut album, “Through Wilderness” it’s safe to say that these guys know excactly what the fuck they are doing, and dammit are they doing it almost better then the rest. With the album opener, “Beyond Flesh” there is an almost, ‘Stairway to Heaven’-esque acoustic riff to open proceedings, and then the album beheads you about a minute in with filthy vocals and a straight forward putrid rotten sound.

As you work your way through the album, you begin to hear more than just filthy Death Metal as they work with melodies in their songs that fit perfectly, but also don’t compromise their sound,and have the listener just hear wankery.  here we have Old school solos and melodies with no fucking around. With tracks like, “Chrysalis of Sorrow” that start off with this ominous guitar lead that builds and builds up until it destroys you with a sludge induced coma that keeps the nightmares coming.

I cannot recommend this album enough. It’s raw, aggressive, melodic, and filthy. It has firmly cemented itself in my top 10, and possibly top 5. It’s everything I want in my Death Metal, and they are one of my favorite bands going right now. Listen to the demos and everything this band has done, you will not be disappointed.

Rating: 5/5

Get this right here!

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