Album Review: Sade – Paragon Impure


Born in 2004, buried alive in 2009, resurrected in 2018 or so the story goes, concerning the career of Belgian Black Metallers ‘Paragon Impure’, their first full length , back in 2005 was inspired by Gaius Caligula, a Roman emperor with a reputation for excessive cruelty, immoral sexual escapades and disrespect toward tradition and the Senate so what better subject for a follow up release than the Marquis de Sade.

On this second wave of blasphemy and perversion ‘Sade’ , the project’s founder and driving force Noctiz is joined by drummer Svein Lugubrum and PJ Turlinckx and this six track forty-five minute release is  as powerful and punishing as its predecessor but slightly less raw and better produced, the result is a brutally engaging offering and an excellent listen which fits the subject matter perfectly.

Originally started in 2009 and provisionally titled ‘The Fall Of Man’ but never completed, ‘ Sade’ was transformed in 2017 into a homage to the legacy of  the Marquis and produced by PJ Turlinckx at his studio and the mastering was handled by Jéremie Bézier (EMPTINESS, ex-ENTHRONED) at Blackout Studio.


Summed up perfectly in this quote from  Donatien Francois Alphonse de Sade’s “La Philosophie dans le Boudoir” of  1795; “Let no one accuse me of being evil’s apologist; let no one say that I seek to inspire wrongdoing or to blunt remorse in the hearts of wrongdoers: my sole purpose throughout these endeavours is to articulate thoughts which have gnawed at my consciousness since I first was able to reason; that these thoughts might be in conflict with the thoughts of some other persons, or of most other persons except me, is not, I believe, sufficient reason to suppress them. As to those susceptible souls who might be “corrupted” by exposure to my writings, I say, so much the worse for them. I address myself only to men who are capable of examining with an objective eye everything before them. Such men are incorruptible”  which gives you an idea just what to expect from this release.

There’s a haunting sense of imminence to the opener and you’re not disappointed with all that follows, sinister, bleak , powerful waves of black riffing with a hugely atmospheric depth to the sound, the vocals are raw, rasping, broad ranging and brutally clear in the delivery of content alongside spoken elements, but with such brutally explicit violent and perverse content, as on ‘SADE VI – The Final Passion, Or The Passion Of Hell’, you need it to be heard! An atmospheric growl just wouldn’t work. Then there are the backing moans on ‘SADE IV – Repentance Of A Dying Libertine’ harrowing, but vitally necessary or the shouts of “ We must sacrifice everything to the demands of our senses!” on ‘SADE V – Philosophy In The Bedroom’ completes that mental picture.

All the tracks are superbly composed, tempo rising falling and  direction switching in such an energetic manner it adds even more to the depth and harrowing power of the release, which is  intricate enough to be interesting but not so much so that its over complex. This album is brutally superb, one of my favourite Black Metal releases of the year. ‘Sade’ is available from Ván Records.

Rating – 4 ½ /5

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