Album Review: Singularity To Extinction – Brainoil


Hailing from the Bay Area of San Francisco and the brainchild of the almighty Greg Wilkinson comes one of his best efforts yet with Brainoil. I guess they must put radiation  in the water there because the bay area has always been a hotspot for some of the best Metal to come out of the states. “Singularity of Extinction” is no exception.

As soon as this album starts the guitar tone karate sweeps you off your feet into a Punky fusion of death and destruction. The opening track, “Preface to Madness” chucks you headlong into a fast car, floors it, and only gets faster from there. This potent mix of Punk and Death is no surprise if you’re familiar with Brainoil who have been around since the late 90’s, and they have absolutely perfected their craft, but if you’re not familiar with them then every riff will feel like a treat!.

If  you can make it to the middle of the album without your face being completely skinned, “Black Static Void” and onwards will undoubtedly finish the job for you properly . The only downtime on the whole album are  the slower moving riffs present here and there that make you want to push your mother into a moshpit. Do it, you know you want to ha-ha.

Not only do these Death Metal Punks do it right but you can feel their level of maturity in the writing. when you’ve been around for 20 years there’s little room for error and there are none to be found here. From start to finish it’s a great blend that doesn’t feel stagnant as it goes on. The riffs are sick, The vocals are gnarly, and the rhythm section pulls it all together in spectacular fashion. One of my favorites this year! We’ve been waiting since 2011 to get new Brainoil and God damn do they deliver right here!

Rating: 5/5

Get smashed into oblivion right here!

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