Album Review: Unified In Void- Groza

The word Groza is Polish which roughly translates to terror or horror according to the good ol’ internet translator which may or may not be correct. Or you can reference The Metal Archives where they list the meaning as Thunderstorm. The band name may sound familiar as it shares the title of an album by the Polish Black Metallers Mgła and coincidently enough Groza also sports the hooded look as well.

A lot of Black Metal bands these days are sporting the incognito black hood and mask regardless though Groza are unique in their own right and this album took me by surprise.

Musically they play a blend of Black Metal that is melodic and ferociously executed in a way that is satisfying and cathartic. Title track Unified in Void unleashes relentless fury painting a picture of the false gods and idols leaving ruin in the notes of this heavy song. Breaking the walls of existence Groza channel their message in unity with every track.

Amongst the Worms showcases the bands sound and you cannot help but get lost in the myriad of super catchy riffs and vocals that mingle both high shrieks and growls. Unworthy portrays the crumbling walls of death thrusting the listener into the inevitable void.

Although Groza shares very similar qualities with bands like Mgła and Uada this is still a tasty little gem that will grab you in and take you for a ride into oblivion. The musicianship is on point and the talent is definitely there. It is refreshing to see bands take their sound and own it with passion and vehemence.

Unified in Void will grow on you with every listen and take you on a journey between life and death and the evils that stem from mankind. I highly recommend it.

Rating: 4.5/5

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