Album Review: So Real It’s Now – Deathgrave


Have you ever just heard something so nasty that you want to take a scalpel and just insert it into your eye socket but like, in a good way?! Well sit back, relax, and start fucking cutting because that’s exactly what Deathgrave makes you want to do.

I don’t know what kind of water they drink over at the Deathgrave camp but I’d imagine it has chunks of flesh mixed with motor oil. Clearly veterans of the scene that absolutely know what they’re doing.

So Real it’s Now” is one of those albums where the artwork definitely illustrates what’s coming. Straight in your face deathgrind that is relentless and pummeling. Make sure you have your speakers down just a hair than normal when starting this beast of an album because it throws you immediatley in a tornado of bloated floating bodies. Not only is this a great mix of death and grind there are plently of other feelers that make this pretty unique. The very first song, “Casket Bath” is straight to the point initially but after a minute it has slow bits that knock your teeth in.

Not Your Average Liquor Store“, which is the second song on the album, and unlike the first song,  starts off with slow chugs that make you do the ‘bring back a riff but slower’ meme face, and then picks up on the aggression in the middle.  I bring up these two songs because they clearly show the vibe of the album is one of being fast and precise, but also being crude and groovy. No one trick pony on this thing, and they blend it so effortlessly.

These sick freaks consist of drummer Matt Thompson, Fern Alberts on bass (also of Amber Asylum, ex-Bird, and ex-Ringwurm), Andre Cornejo on vocals (also of the fucking sick Cyanic, ex-member of Bird, and ex-member of Casket Blaster) and Greg Wilkinson on guitar (Brainoil, ex-Laudanum, ex-Graves At Sea, and a legendary sound engineer over at Ear hammer studios)

Clocking in at a body shredding 27 minutes, with 14 tracks this thing feels like it flys by! Replay value of it is through the roof, so do yourself a favor and chug a beer, throw it up in a cup, and drink it again while listening to the smooth sounds of ” So Real It’s Now“.

You can smell the bile, taste the puke, and love every second of it.

Rating – 4/5.

Go throw up and jam this while you do it.

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