Album Review: Chanting For The Fallen


Horns up all you Thrash Metal people that have heard of Sahon. Now all those same metal heads from South Korea hands down. Yep thought as much, same as me eh?, not a clue. Well be clueless no longer, from the land famous for K-pop, Gangham style, and other such non Metal atrocities our friends from South Korea now bring us the brilliantly sensational Sahon.

This is what I love about music in general but particularly metal. Just when you think you’ve heard it all, you find a band from somewhere you don’t relate to metal and are pleasantly surprised and amazed. A bit of research showed that these guys have been pounding out loud, brash and unapologetic Thrash Metal since around 1999.

From the first track “Faith of savagery”, through track five “Charge till the End” and right down to track eight “You shall pay” this succession of raucous tracks collides with your ear drums and smashes the shit out of them by bursting right out of the speakers with manic drumming, aggressive vocals and driving riffs. Pick of the crop for me is the second number, “At the Edge of the Cliff”. I just keep playing it and yep you guessed it, I’m playing it again now while I’m writing this. No filler tracks here and with more that a hint of the best of German and Bay Area influences, this album is a full frontal, total shirt front of imposing melodies from a band that obviously love what they do, and it shows.

This album puts me in mind of the rampant two-year-old brat at the shops that we’ve all seen, wanting an ice cream or that toy in the window and wanting it right now and fuck everyone around them. This little grommit doesn’t care how much noise it makes or who’s watching and is trying to make as much racket as its lungs can possibly deliver. This is Sahon to a tee.

If your true love is Thrash metal, then you simply have no choice but to put your hand in pocket and buy a copy as this album, is a must have.

Rating: 4.5/5

Find this right here!


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