Album Review: Dead Suns Under the Forgotten Moon- Drift Into Black

Running a website such as this has it’s perks. We are flooded daily with new music to sink our teeth into, it is definitely a labor of love. The album which is the subject of this review was passed to us by sole member and mastermind Craig Rossi.

This came as a pleasant surprise and proves that the underground is surging with talent that deserves a lot more recognition and that is one of the reasons why The Metal Wanderlust exists. We thrive on giving these underground folks coverage.

This album is not straight metal per se but do not let that deter you, the undertones are most definitely there if you listen. What grabbed me was how fluid and catchy the songs presented themselves. The fuzzed out guitar melodies paired with Rossi’s satin voice made for some memorable moments. Imagine walking in the midst of rubble and the aftermath of what has befallen upon you, this would be your soundtrack. Dark interludes and atmospheric passages will grace your ears.

Not making comparisons but I detect a bit of Tobias Forge (Ghost) in the vocals. This album takes the subject of revenge and how it has gone too far to then be left with coping. There are definitely some dark lyrical themes here which add to the over all ambience. Songs like Death From Above and Left in the Ash speak volumes.

This album definitely grows with each listen and there are little melodies and sections that make themselves known after another listen. I respect Mr. Rossi for pouring his heart into his music and it shows. There is tangible emotion here and talent that extends to different realms of rock and even metal.

Drift Into Black has released a solid album and is worth checking out upon its release on October 12th 2018.

Rating: 4/5


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