Album Review: Ecliptic Butchery – Scorched


You are at your house sitting in the dark watching your favorite rom-com on the telly when all of a sudden you hear a crick come from the upstairs area. You think it might be your roommate, but then you remember that your roommate went out tonight and you are home alone. You then hear a knock on the door and your telephone rings at the same time. You answer the phone to hear nothing but static, then there’s more knocks on the door only this time they are harder and faster. You look out a window that oversees the porch but you see no one, There is however a strange glow in the distance. You try to make a call but the phone is completely unresponsive to your touch, and then eventually shuts off. What the fuck?

You hear a picture fall off the wall and shatter upstairs. You turn the corner to investigate cautiously and start walking up the dark stairwell and then see a shadowy figure in the doorway of your room. A foot pursuit starts as you jump down the stairs but you fall, and the entity takes a hold of you and inserts a blade into your back. You can’t move, you’re paralyzed, but not dead as the entity drags you outside toward the ominous glow. The light gets stronger and you get weaker, it overtakes you and you lose consciousness. You awaken in a nightmare to find yourself and others shackled to planks, hanging in a room like meat in a freezer. The dark entity enters the room and moves swiftly in your direction. You struggle, you weep, you beg, you die.

Disfigurement, slashing, blood gushing, abduction, death. All sound so terrible in physical form but when it comes to movies and Death Metal it’s just so fucking good. Those are the words to pretty much describe the entire Scorched discography. And let’s not beat around the bush here, “Ecliptic Butchery” is no different.

These Delaware Death Metallers come back after 2 years since their last full length without missing a goddamn beat. From the very first song ” Blood Splatter Eclipse” it completely pounds your face in faster than the Kool Aid man breaking a wall in a Family Guy episode.  Clocking in at 38 minutes this monster is just that, a monster that’s out for blood. Your blood to be precise.

Vocalist “Matt Kapa” is probably the nicest of dudes I’ll bet, but on this record he sounds like he is ripping your head from your body and swallowing it whole. With song titles like “Barbarous Experimentation” and “Exhibits of Torture” it’s not hard to paint a blood stained picture of what these guys are all about. No messing around good ole wholesome Death fucking Metal. The drummer Matt Izzi (also of Homewrecker) beats the shit out of his kit and it sounds like a fucking stampede!

The synth sounds are just awesome, from the first song, “Blood Splatter Eclipse” to the same sounds closing out tracks like “Astral Savior”, they bring one hell of a lot of atmosphere, but at the end of the day, this is no frills, horror inducing metal at its best. I would say that as far as the horror gimmick goes these guys are up there with legends like Mortician and Exhumed.

The riffs are great, along with everything else. If you’re a death metal fan you’re 100% going to love it, if you’re a poser, it will weed you out and gut you like a pig. Get on it!

Rating – 5/5

Listen to the sickness here!

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