Album Review: Phlogiston Catharsis – P.H.O.B.O.S.


Good evening, good morning, good whatever the fuck it may be, and welcome to a nightmare. Have you slept well? Did you dream of puppies and nice things like a summer holiday or that girl you have been eyeing off for a while? Are you even awake? No, you are not. You are in sleep paralysis, and the visions you are seeing are going to drive you quite insane believe me.

Trent Reznor lies in his bed thrashing and moaning like a man possessed, you can see this and yet you cannot help him. Al Jourgensen bleeds from every hole in his body as he shakes uncontrollably as he thinks of what could have been. Hans Zimmer suddenly feels the urge to compose the symphony to end all symphonies and have it played at the end of all times, and yet has no need. It has been done, it has been completed, and it is right in front of you, yet you are paralyzed and cannot do a darned thing about it as this washes over you in waves, slowly but surely stripping your mind of every last vestige of humanity.

Blood falls from the sky, the horizon burns, and only one thing keeps you alive. P.H.O.B.O.S. what does it mean, what do they stand for, if anything. Nothing and everything is the answer. Creation and by its whole meaning also destruction. From “Biomorphorror” you begin to realize that they are not here to fuck chickens, they are here to change them, to change us,  and should we fail to pay heed it is no matter, they will continue the onslaught until all is lost, and we either accept their view, their total and utter condemnation of all we hold dear, or we embrace them, and it.

It is manifest, and it comes in many forms. Take “Zam Alien Canyons” as such. A bass loaded pile driver of such crushing intensity that would make a flying whale consider its diet, and the impossibility of flight. “ Aurora Sulphura” is the closest thing that borders on a traditional Metal song in it’s form, and then the nightmare continues. All of it sharpened teeth,  dull blows to the cranium, and sheer utter chaos.

“Taqiyah Rhyzom”  is as brutal as the day you got  kicked out of your mothers shitty womb, bare and bereft, the sounds around you unnatural, threatening, ominous. You crave sanctuary, none is here to be found. An unkind delivery, not the one that you deserved, but so be it. “Aljannashid” brings cascading steps that no mortal dare climb, lest he fall to the doom prescribed within. Nothing friendly at the top at all, just murder, mind rape, and the aforementioned insanity….

“Look on my works ye mighty, and despair!” Byron. Hear this work, and desperation shall be your friend. Survive, and forever be tormented by it’s wrath. Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ gave his life so that this monstrous thing could grow and become our reality. May God help us all. Powerful stuff.

Rating: 4/5

Insanity awaits, no, it beckons you. Here.


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