Album Review: Burst Into Flame- Haunt

A flame has been ignited within the Metal scene and it is burning hot with the revival of Traditional Heavy Metal. There are numerous bands out there carrying the torch and not all have perfected the craft, however Fresno California’s Haunt stands strong on the frontlines.

The mastermind behind this project is Trevor William Church of Beastmaker who formed Haunt as a solo project, but now has a complete line-up to round out the sound. While this is step in a different direction there is no denying the talent and passion that is harnessed here and let me just say this album is just downright uplifting and fun, one that you spin if you want to lift your spirits.

Burst Into Flame is chock full of that familiar sound that is so prominent in Traditional Heavy Metal. Melodic hooky guitar work and soaring vocals that are enough to take you on a whirwind of a journey.

What sets Haunt apart from the rest is their execution of infectious sound and songs that are instantly memorable. The riffs are fantastic and Church along with John William Tucker (Beastmaker) propel their fiery riffage straight into the face at full speed.

Songs like Reflectors and My Mirage will send a shockwave right down to your very core, with fists held high to the sky in revolutionary ardor. It is so refreshing to hear a band bring back this classic sound in today’s scene, old and new fans shall rejoice at Haunt’s calling.

There is no doubt that this band will go places and the fact that they cater to a wide variety of Metal fan’s new and old make them a force to be recokoned with. Burst Into Flame is a profoundly sensational album that will hold it’s vigor for years to come. Well done gents!

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Rating: 4.5/5

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