Album Review: Unleashed Bastards – Necronomicon

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I find myself wondering if they have a place hidden somewhere in Germany where three or four everyday guys or girls enter, and after a few weeks, said three or four are released in to the world and another outstanding new metal band is born. Just off the cuff think Kreator and Destruction and, oh don’t they do it so well. So, my fellow Metal Wanderlust readers, I give you another band to join this illustrious congregation of German metal bands, Necronomicon.

These Teutonic Templars bring us twelve tracks of imperious thrash metal. There may be bits of power metal in here as well as the thrash but Necronomicon seamlessly blend the two flawlessly and merge it all into beautifully crafted album by seriously multitalented and accomplished musicians.

I love this album because it is just so polished, and you can’t help but appreciate what’s meted out for your listening pleasure. The range of vocals from soaring clear vocals to raspy guttural growls, guitars providing masterfully created riffs is all held together with awesome melodic percussion and with German thoroughness and precision in song writing and production.

Favourite tracks for me are: “Total Rejection”, “Malevolent”, “Religion Live Fast” & “Personal Enemy”

I’m kicking myself for not finding these guys a hell of a lot sooner but, hey, better late than never and I’m definitely making up for it now. For those that say metal is all noise and no skill, get them to listen to this wonderfully crafted album and watch as their minds are reprogrammed to see and hear what the rest of us hear every time we listen to our chosen genre of metal.

So sit back with a couple of schnitzengrubben, steins filled with Lowenbrau, gotta get into character right, and let this album wash over and drain away all your agonies of the day and just enjoy.

Rating – 4.5/5

Find this and more right here!

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