Album Review: Existence Exiled – From Ashes Reborn

From Ashes Reborn

Okay, let’s get down to brass tacks as they say right from the start. Germanic Melodic Death Metal. Yep, that’s what we have before us, and that’s about the size of it. From Ashes Reborn is indeed from Germany, and indeed they play a fine form of Melodic Death Metal. How good are they though I hear you ask? Well, you are just going to have to keep reading to find out!

Formed in 2017, and releasing this album in May 2018, you could say that these guys are pretty fresh off the boat, to coin a phrase. What you will find out is that although they may be a newish band, their talents are well on display here. From the intro “Existence Exiled” you are into some fine territory, and who doesn’t love a doomy piano piece hey? Mere seconds after the beauty fades you are given the first taste of the pounding that you will receive over the duration of this excellent debut.

It is worth mentioning to give you a part of the picture that this band does indeed have a similar tone and delivery to one Amon Amarth, and also reminds me somewhat of another German act of whom I am quite fond, Durothar. Quite simply this is on that grand epic scale of banging your mail clad fist on a tavern table whilst swilling copious amounts of mead at its heaviest moments, but to simply lump them into that category alone would be to do them a misjustice.

Mixed in amongst the thunderous drums, crushing riffs, menacing vocals (that are many layered in parts to bring in a whole new dimension) and stone heavy bass lines are some beautiful acoustic passages. Take the first track “The Onerous Truth” for your first example if you will. Also worthy of mention are the soaring melodic guitar solos that appear here and there, providing the perfect bridging moment between the giant monstrous slabs of riffing and the rumbling titanic, or should that be teutonic, bottom end. It is also worth noting that a hint of Black Metal can shine through here and there in the guitar spectrum, and it is all the more spectacular for it’s inclusion!

Vocalist Ronni really does have that all powerful style that just reeks of the ‘Not to be fucked with’variety. The kind of delivery that would motivate Viking hordes or Germanic tribes into the bloody fray with hardly a bat of the eyelid, and Sebastian on backing vocals I presume is the other element that creeps in now and then with more of a deranged higher pitched type of evil if you will. Dirk handles the lead and solo stuff, while the aforementioned Sebastian makes his guitar bleed out the rhythm sections. Thomas and Tobias are the very ground upon which they all stand, a rock solid formation of impenetrable strength.

Yes, Melodic Death Metal with a decidedly horned helm and a drinking horn strapped to its side for sure, but definitely not a one trick pony. Highlights for me would be “Existence Exiled”, a song which pretty much shows every facet of the bands abilities in one package. “Follow the Rising” and more so “Infected” give you that no nonsense feeling of being fucking invincible as they tear through your speakers, and finally “Homicidal Rampage” may well lead you to think about going on one. Please don’t, as we don’t condone that kind of Malarky around here, just saying. The tempo and riffing on this one are a sheer delight, not to mention the interplay with the lead guitar in the mid section. Brutal stuff.

Truth be told at the end of it all though, there is simply not one bad track on ‘Existence Exiled’, no need to hover over that skip button, you can simply put it on and just enjoy the fuck out of it. That’s always a good thing is it not? That’s a resounding yes from The Great Mackintosh, and we all know how wise he is don’t we…ha-ha.

Pass me my finest axe, I am off to prune some people, I mean trees, and drink some ale, and this shall be the soundtrack to my mayhem! Awesome.

Rating: 4/5

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