Album Review: Towards Death – Deathwards

towards death

Have you ever been punched in the stomach, no, I mean really punched in the stomach. You know,  gasping for air, lying prostrate on the floor trying to get the air back into your lungs? Then you better get the oxygen out and keep your emergency services number on standby cause this five track EP by Deathwards will beat you to within an inch of your life. Trust me, cause I’m writing this lying on the floor trying to suck in the air that was viciously taken from me without warning.

There’s something primordial that rises in all of us when we listen to something that is true to its word and delivers what it promises, and this is displayed right from the outset with “In Death I Become” which kicks off this brutal, unsullied expression of death/thrash-based metal. Each track is as vicious and fierce as the next which means there is no letting up from the beating that you are about to receive!!

“Impending Prophecies” could have been written for the arrival of Belial upon the earth to bring his crusade unto those that do not believe, and to turn the world as we know it back into something resembling Sodom. Something like that anyway…  Sorry, where was I, um, anyway, the cover of Infernal Majesty’s “Overlord” is played with maximum passion, technique and is accomplished in such a pulverising way that it truly pays homage to the original.

Deathwards’ superb musicianship is laid out for all to hear including absolutely magnificent riffs, relentless storming drumming and bellowing snarling vocals, and after you’ve had one listen there is no way you will be able to disagree.

It is a real shame that “Towards Death” is only a 5 track EP as it only gives a fleeting glimpse of what Deathwards are all about. That being said, these tracks are unadulterated worship of all the great things we love about death/thrash, so bring on the full blown album I say and stop pissing around cause I don’t want to wait much longer.


Pick this one up right here!

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