Album Review: Svartmálm- Svartmálm

The Faroe Islands may be a small country but that does not mean there is a shortage of quality music to go around. And well sometimes the hidden gems are found in the most unexpected of places. Svartmálm are one of those bands that have spewed out an album that is so filthy and infectious that it is worth writing home about… Or maybe it is best if you don’t.

This self titled debut album is dripping with an essence of apocalyptic grime, each song offering twists and turns on the brink of full fledged insanity. Weaving through the spectrum of slow drone like Doom Metal then unleashing into a barrage of sonic Black Metal melodies this is the ultimate soundtrack for a walk into the void.

The first track is Deytt Ljós is the perfect introduction, encompassing all the aforementioned aspects oozing with melodic passages to get the juices flowing while Vík frá mær is as intense as it is overpowering.

Reiðmenn is more of an upbeat track, powerful and haunting with vocals emanating into blackness. Then it slows down to an icy crawl which leads into the perfect transition to the next three tracks which are broken up into three parts. These songs are like one intense finale to the monster that is Svartmálm. The second part features a wailing solo that is reminiscent of blood curdling screams but then the third track delves into what can be best described as catharsis.

If you think of the climate in the Faroe Islands there are long summer days with hours upon hours of daylight and then the winter there are long hours of darkness. This album sounds like that, moments of clarity then they are enveloped into blackness. The members of this band are highly talented.. Vocals are intense, guitars and bass are equal in that, and the drums and keys round out the ambience.

Svartmálm have released an amazing album and they deserve recognition. I assure you this does not disappoint and I highly recommend that you take this journey but I warn you it is not for the faint of heart.

Rating: 5/5

Out now via Vendetta Records Purchase Here

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