Interview: Parker Chandler- Windhand

Band: Windhand
Interview: Parker Chandler (bass guitar)

Genre: Doom Metal/Stoner Metal
Location: Richmond, Virginia (USA)

– So I had the recent pleasure of interviewing Parker Chandler who is the bassist for Windhand. He also happens to be the leader singer for Cough. Both are stellar Doom Metal bands. You should check them both out if you have not listened to them before.

The Interview:

1) What bands did you grow up listening to?

According to the old cassette tapes I’ve got sitting around: Cinderella, Motley Crue, Poison, etc. This was Florida in the early ’80’s. I’ll still listen to Cinderella though.

2) How did you become interested in Doom Metal? Are you okay with the term Stoner Metal?

I think I hate both terms nowadays. I’ve never been a technical player so the combination of high volume and low tempo seemed to suit me best.

3) When did you decide you wanted to become a musician?

It just kind of happened. I had an opportunity to pursue a career but the idea of going weeks without a shower and eliminating the word “comfort” from my vocabulary seemed more appealing than corporate servitude. I’m still not sure that this is what I want to be but I recognize that I’m running out of options and reasons to stay home.

4) I absolutely love the distorted guitar tone you incorporate into your music and how it compliments Dorthia voice. There are several stellar bands incorporate this type of guitar tone in addition to Windhand (Electric Wizard, Conan, Acid King, etc.) Where did this sound originate?

The first appearance of fuzz is often credited to Marty Robbins’ 1961 hit single “Don’t Worry About Me.”

5) How did you come about to form Windhand and what does it mean to you?

I was the last to join but I was friends with everybody before I was involved with the music. Garrett had been playing with a few different people for a while and, once they were ready to put vocals to the songs, they found Dorthia from a Craigslist ad. Ryan joined shortly before they recorded the S/T LP and I came in on bass about a year before ‘Soma’ was recorded. The 4 of us have been through 6 pretty intense years together, the last couple being the most difficult, but we’ve managed to keep it going. It’s like a family without parents, if that makes any sense.

6) I absolutely love all 3 full length albums and I enjoy the 3 splits you have done with other bands. Satan’s Satyrs sound seems quite different from Windhand. How did this most recent split come about?

We’ve known them for a few years but we became really close once the core of their band moved to Richmond. I don’t really remember how the idea for the split came about. I think we just wanted to release something between full-lengths to keep some momentum going and we chose to do it with them simply because they’re our friends.

7) Can you talk about the artwork on the Split with Satan’s Satyrs and the artwork for your upcoming album Eternal Return?

The artwork for the split with Satan’s Satyrs was done in-house by one of the guys at Relapse. Orion showed us some ideas he’d been working on and we chose the pieces that we liked. That process was a lot less involved than the artwork for ‘Eternal Return’ where we had a theme for Arik to expand upon. We gave him the title as well as some rough instrumental demos to get him started and he really got into it. Through minimal communication, Arik found a way to add new layers of meaning to our rough concept.

8) Can you talk about your recent tour/shows? Any interesting stories you could share?

We’ve been doing mostly one-off shows this summer. Just got back from a weekend in Chicago that I don’t really remember. Last month we drove up to the Maryland Doom Fest without any brakes on our van and we had to use our trailer brakes for the last hour or so. My mom rode up with us. We all survived so I guess it was a success.

9) What can we expect with the new release Eternal Return (release date October 5th)? What does the future hold for Windhand?

I’ll just say that I’m proud of the new record. I’ve learned not to have expectations for the future anymore.

– I want to send out a sincere thank you to Parker for taking the time to do this interview. It is much appreciated.

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