Interview: Nasty Surgeons

nasty surgeons

Where are you guys from? 

Hello, we are from Burgos, in the northern side of Spain, although Fabian (bass player) is from Colombia but he’s been living here since many years ago.

What was you first memory of metal?

Well, I (Raúl) still remember my first recorded cassette. One side Stay Hungry from Twisted Sister and the other side Bon Jovi, the first album (not too metal indeed he-he). There were two songs there from Iron Maiden as well and a few days after that (I was twelve) I got Dio-Dream Evil and bought my first Metal vinyl Iron Maiden- Seventh son of a seventh son. From that moment my life changed (for good or bad, who knows) and I was continuously getting cassettes and vinyls from heavy metal, then Thrash, then Death, Grind,…. And the final outcome is what I am now he-he.

What inspired you to start creating music or was it just natural?

Back in those days I only devoured music but a couple of years after that I started writing some lyrics (stupid lyrics to be honest) and when I was 16 (a bit late really) I bought my first electric guitar. I had no idea of playing, but I had a guitar he-he. Then I had to learn, had to play with different people, styles,… and finally two years ago, I formed Nasty Surgeons

Who is or was you biggest inspiration for starting to play?

I´ve never had a guitar hero (actually I don’t like guitar heroes). I always liked guitarists playing in  a band. I liked Wolf Hoffman from Accept, Alex Skolnick from Testament, Bill Steer from Carcass,… but I started to play because I wanted to play my own music.

How do you come up with your songs? Carry notebooks scrap paper or sit down and jam ?

In the past I had a small recorder that I always carried with me and, whenever and wherever I had an idea, I whistled and recorded but now, with the mobiles, it’s easier. I record riffs and tons of ideas and then, when I decide it’s time to collect it to do a new album, I grab this and that and start to program drums and record the raw songs. Then I give the songs to the other guys and, once prepared, we record it. Jamming has never worked out with me. I had a band many years ago and we really tried that a few times but it did not work.

nasty Surgeons pic

What’s your opinion on the music scene these days, do you think it’s a little bit on the fucked up side of things?

I think there are too many bands, many of them really good but the rest not so good (in my opinion). Then, people (especially the young generations) don´t buy music. They have no idea of what having a Cd (we do not talk about vinyls) is, reading the lyrics, credits, staring at the cover,… that idea is dead, so what can we expect? Gigs and festivals are very expensive, too many bands touring, too many festivals,…  I guess many people may think Nasty Surgeons is just one more of those bands I have mentioned, yes, but if you are into the scene for at least as many years as I am, you´ll check it´s not true. We are not a fashion and we don´t play commercial styles, we just do this with passion and I think people do appreciate it.

Does it annoy you that some bands that seem to have not “paid their dues” so to speak can appear to get a lot more attention than those who have put their entire existence into their music?

There are many bands which really have money. Maybe their parents are rich or they’ve earned a lot from their jobs or who knows but the thing is that they pay for getting good contracts and labels, for playing in festivals or good tours supporting important bands,…they just want to be a part of this and they don´t need to get it with talent or effort, it’s only fucking money and, unfortunately, this is how it works nowadays.

What is your favorite genre of music?

Death-metal, if I have to choose only one but Grind, Crust a bit of Black, some Doom and of course the classics of Heavy metal.

Do you love/ like Pink Floyd? 

To be honest, I didn’t grew up with them. Of course I remember (and like) The Wall and a few others (no titles, sorry) but I guess none of my friends were fan of them so I wasn’t either.

What other projects have some of you worked on? Feel free to highlight as many as you can. 

Well, I was in:

            Mistweaver from 1997-2017, Melodic death-Metal.

            Mass Burial, old school death-metal we are active.

            Pathfinder, Thrash-metal (RIP)

            The Undead Family, Metal/Stoner (RIP)

            Graveyard of Souls, Doom (only a studio project, no live performances)

            Authority Crisis, Grindcore (RIP)

            Ramon was in Mistweaver as well and in Ad Aeternum (metal)

            Gonzalo in Dalle (heavy metal)

            Fabián in Internal Suffering (death metal) and Carnage Divine (death metal)

nasty surgeons live

Who is your favorite artist of all time? And why this particular artist?

Buff, I like and admire many bands (not single artists indeed). Carcass, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Napalm Death, Entombed, Dismember,… I love their music.

What type of food do you like greasy spoons and diners or seafood or does all food fucking rule?

I don’t eat Cheese, I hate it and can’t stand cheese. Then I love seafood, meat,…. Whatever except cheese hehehe. Well, I also hate pickles and some vinegar’s and I have never tried (and I think I won´t) worms, spiders and shits like that. But if you want to invite us to a BBQ that’s fine.

What is your favorite thing to drink? Beer or liquor or something totally different,….like peyote hahahaha. 

We all are good beer drinkers he-he. Some liquor from time to time is ok, but we prefer beer. I have never drunk peyote, no idea of what it is.

Where can we pick up the new album? What else are you working on at the moment? 

The best thing to get the album is contacting us at or and we will send it wherever. Anyway, I think we have worldwide distribution (always through mail orders and small labels).

The album has been released only two weeks ago, so now we are preparing our live performances including more songs from the album. We have in mind an Ep or Split with other band including six songs we have to be released, from the last recording session. We did not want to include them on the album, we don’t like albums  with more than 40 minutes long, so we preferred to let them for that. And very soon, we´ll start up the new songs for a new album, but this will be in 2019.

Any touring going on or coming up? 

At the moment we have only a festival in Portugal in October but, with the new album just released, we expect more gigs to come (and, after this interview, we want anyone calls to play in USA hehe)

nasty surgeons live edit

How has the internet affected the music business? For the good or for the bad?

This is a frequent question. It is for good that we a have a new song right now and in only ten minutes, people from the other side of the world can listen to it, that’s good, fast and cheaper than what it was in the past.For bad? Well, nobody buys  physical music so bands earn nothing and this is a difficult way of survival.

What are some of your hobbies? Rock climbing? Cliff jumping? Skydiving? What makes you happiest when you have free time? 

Free time? What’s that? He-he I have  two kids so I have no free time he-he. I used to ride the mountain bike and jogging  but now I need time to do that again he-he. Anyway, my family makes me happy although it’s hard in equal parts.

What types of things do you collect?

In the past I collected bottles of beer, But I decided to stop some years ago and threw them to the rubbish. Now, I collect concert tickets (only that I have been), Cd’s (not collect, it’s only for my satisfaction). I do prefer to collect memories in my mind he-he.

How do you feel your records evolve from one to the next? What makes these changes take place? 

I think we have had a huge evolution. The first thing, the production.This time we sent the stuff to a good studio and the final outcome is there. Then, we had more time to record, with the first album we had to mix and master in a  weekend and we could have done it better with more time. The songs are also better built this time. We now know what things work and others not. I think this is the normal evolution of any band.

Thanks a lot for spending some time with us today, we will be definitely highly recommending ALL of your work to everyone have no fear! An absolute pleasure indeed!

Thanks a lot for your support. I hope to drink some beers together anytime.

And there you have it! You can also find their latest one here!

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