EP Review: Don’t Waste Your Time- Idle Hands

The Metal scene is an exciting place to be in as there are numerous bands making their rounds, delivering quality music to the masses. We here at The Metal Wanderlust have the privilege of being introduced to a lot of these artists both big and small, and while we don’t get to them all we do try our best. To preface I have to give Jake Superchi of Uada a shoutout for sharing this very EP that I speak of.

Forged from the ashes of Spellcaster, Idle Hands was formed by Gabe Franco who has taken on vocals, Sebastian Silva (Guitars), Colin Vranzian (Drums), and rounded out by David Kimbro on Bass. Hailing from Portland Oregon Idle Hands are a Heavy Metal band at heart but add their own twist to a classic sound. Taking influences from Iron Maiden to Sisters of Mercy these guys have created an infectious blend of music that pays homage to the various genres within the metal realm. You want some Traditional Heavy Metal and Goth all in one? Well folks you have that here and Idle Hands have succeeded on all levels, bringing in a totally refreshing perspective.

This EP will hook you in from the very beginning and when the chorus of the first track rings through you know you are in for a treat. The melodies and riffs meld together in perfect tandem with Gabe’s Goth tinged soaring vocals. The songs are addictive and fun and they held my interest all the way through. Lyrically the tracks are emotional, dark, and cathartic and there is true feeling here.

I can only say that I am thourghly excited for what the future holds for Idle Hands and this EP is definitely a gem. Don’t Waste Your Time is a fantastic journey and well worth your time!


Rating: 5/5

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