Album Review: Aura Noire – Aura Noir

aura noir

Greetings, salutations, and welcome back to my thoughts on the music that I’ve listened to lately from the mind of Longstretch.

So, I’ve just had a glimpse of the apocalypse and thy name is “Aura Noire” and the 3 horseman that have brought us this are Aura Noir.  I really didn’t know what to expect when I first listened to this but jeeeeeeesuuuuuuuss. This is so good it dragged me in right from the demonic inception through the birth and right to the end of all life on this magnificent cacophony of everything that’s brilliant about metal music.

This whole album is just like a thunderstorm, not your usual summer storm with a little thunder and lightning, but a magnificent tempest deep from the bowels of a nether world that has yet to be uncovered.

“Dark Lung of the Storm” kicks off this monster, see told ya it was a tempest, an instrumental start to lure you in, and then, BAM!!!!!! From there you’re in the middle of a neck snapping, horn raising category 5 tornado that you can’t get out of. Not that you want to. Next up “Grave Dwellers” follows suit, and so it goes right through this whole unbridled collection of phenomenal riffs, belting drums and aggressive lyrics with some seriously crazy shit going on but it all makes glorious sense.

If the vocalist was a teacher at my school back in the day I reckon I would have been an astrophysicist by now. He doesn’t sing but rather disgorges the lyrics in such an uncompromising way that it just scares the shit outta ya and yet you can’t help but want more.

If I had to name a favourite track then “Demoniac Flow” it is, however, with something this good how do you even pick one people! Fuck me even the “Outro” is awesome

This album has everything and is so strong. For those of you that have heard previous albums of Aura Noir then I reckon you’re gonna love this, for those that have never heard of them, find your nearest computer, type Aura Noir in a search engine and be ready to be astounded, astonished, and amazed. That’s just the ”A” superlatives! If you need to put a box around this then its probably blackened thrash. Call it what you want, this is just that fucking good.

Hang on, is that blood coming out of my ears, think I may need a Bex and a lie down. Wait, just one more listen and then I’ll stop……………..Maybe


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