Album Review: Devouring Radiant Light- Skeletonwitch

With the turn of the millenium we saw a hefty amount of bands burst into the scene, steadfast and ready for action. Some fell flat on their faces whilst others stirred things up and Skeletonwitch is one of them. For the past 14 years or so this band has released their brew of Death tinged Thrash, relentless in their craft, melting faces at countless concerts.

In the year 2015 they saw the unfortunate parting of vocalist Chase Garnette and while some bands would stop short Skeletonwitch has continued setting their sites forward. Devouring Radiant Light sees Wolvhammer vocalist Adam Clemans step in to join the ranks and also a turning point for the band. Still hanging onto their roots this album is different and in a way more mature. Their classic sound has been stripped away but not completely.

You can still find trails of it sprinkled within. Clemans’ vocals have added a new finesse to the band and while some may miss Chase, his replacement along with Nate and Hedricks furious guitar work there is no shortage of that ferocity albeit in a different light.

From the first few moments of the opening track Fen of Shadows the listener is dragged into the deepest darkest pit of existence and then spit out, disoriented. Temple of the Sun incorporates catchy melodies and for those itching for some thrashy elements Carnarium Eternal is a heap of blood soaked fast paced riffs to head bang along to.

This may not be the album for everyone but Skeletonwitch has turned a new leaf in their career and their creativity and headstrong approach to the extreme metal genre is definitely shining through. I urge you all to give it a spin because you may find yourselves pleasantly surprised.

Rating: 4/5

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