Album Review: Our Raw Heart- Yob

Sometimes it takes a few tries for one to get into a band and for me personally Yob was one I always struggled with despite their talent and seeing them live. Maybe my mindset was off or perhaps I was stuck under a rock for too long. Fast forward to now and the Oregon Doom Metal outfit has just released Our Raw Heart with much praise. I figured why not lets give this a go and see because as a writer and a fan of music I am always open to welcoming new tunes to the ever growing list. Now for those who are unaware this album comes after Mike Scheidt’s near death experience after a grueling surgery to treat diverticulitis.

With such a harrowing situation Yob has taken that and created an album that is all together heart wrenching and inspirational. Blending their familiar sound with raw emotion these songs have an all together different fluidity compared to their other works.

Ablaze starts everything off with a sonic wall of sound, vocals ringing through the waves that transport the listener to a higher place. You can truly feel it deep in the fiber of your being. While The Screen is cathartic, dripping with the poison that pulsates within, a melodious guitar riff that is almost like the frantic beating of the heart.

Our Raw Heart as a whole is a journey that one can go on and I assure you that something will be taken away by the end. The track Beauty in Falling Leaves is probably one of most moving songs I have heard in a long while. It is tangible and tugs at the heart strings, Mike’s vocals granting a glimpse into serenity.

Our Raw Heart is agressive yet beautiful, powerful yet organic and a work of true captivating originality. In the world of metal this serves as a gem to be found, unearthed and deserves to be experienced again and again. I can now say that I am a fan and this definitely going down as album of the year.

Rating: 5/5

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