Album Review: The Aftermath Of Lies – Tribulance


Greetings, salutations and welcome back to my thoughts on the music that I’ve listened to lately  from the mind of longstretch.

This time it’s Tribulance – “the Aftermath of Lies”, The album has been out since 2016 and is definitely one for the lovers of old school metal and there’s nothing wrong with that, right? Hell no.

Opener, “Oblivious” sets up the whole album and is the precursor for what you get right through the whole album. Towering vocals, melodic progressions and some pretty decent guitar work that keeps you engaged and listening on. The vocals absolutely takes you back and puts you in mind of a certain Mr Dickinson and Mr Halford.

The second track “Conflict” is probably my favourite track of the album featuring a nice dirty riff to kick things along and is a real foot stomper.  Roll on to “Initiation” which has a superb metal riff holding it all together and it chuggs along furiously underneath the whole thing. This is one of the songs that will get you singing along and keeping those neck muscles nice and tight.

trib photo

I reckon there’s some excellent singalong metal anthems in here but be warned, try and hit the notes that the vocalist is reaching, and you might just do yourself some damage. Go on, I dare you.  Try track 6 “Deny THe Pain”. “ I gotta find a waaaaaaaaaay” about 1 min:44 into the track!

“Walk The Talk” is another dirty rotten bluesy track. What a sweet little riff.  These guys straddle the line between Heavy and Rocky with expert ability

Did I like this album?? Yea I did, all 36 minutes of it, probably because I haven’t heard a good old school metal album in ages. Yep, it’s a short album but we’re not here for a long time are we, and in keeping with the theme that’s my short review for a short album!

Great Stuff!

Rating 4/5

You can find the band on Facebook right here!

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