Demo Review: Withermoon

Southern California is not the first place that comes to mind when referring to the genre of Black Metal but if you dig deep into the underground you will find a collection of very talented artists. They even have a collective effort entitled the Black Earth Legion which combines members from Withermoon, Coldvoid, and Arachnigod. (Check it out!)

Withermoon are a newer band to hit the scene but they are already proving themselves to be tireless in evoking their craft, and now we have a demo to indulge in.

If raw is what you fancy then this is the perfect little slab of songs to satisfy what you crave. This is straight in your face Black Metal with a little something special added. I use this phrase often but there is no safe space here. A heaviness lingers in the air that may swallow you whole if you aren’t careful so tread lightly.

Spectre of the Mists is a good opener that combines both fast and slow melodic passages to give off that otherworldly ambience. I assure that you will be yelling out Spectre by the end of the song.

Dregs of God immediately hooks you in with very catchy guitar riffage that has an upbeat feel to add consistency and variety. This is not the typical run of the mill riffs found within the genre. Evened out by the combination of the bass and drums working in harmony there will be no shortage of head banging (I know first hand).

Finally we have Reason for Existance that rounds everything out bringing this demo to a close, this one going straight for the punch. Musically Withermoon are raw and agressive, yet melodic and infectious and everything you could want from a Black Metal band.

I highly recommend checking these guys out in addition to all of the other bands present in the Black Earth Legion. Remember support the underground.

Rating: 4/5

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