Concert Review: Obituary, Pallbearer, Skeletonwitch, Dustbolt (Atlanta GA)

Date: May 2, 2018 City: Atlanta, GA (USA) Venue: The Masquerade Lineup: Obituary, Pallbearer, Skeletonwitch, and Dust Bolt

– So a couple of my friends set out for this show. This was my first time seeing Obituary. I had already seen Pallbearer 3 times. I had heard good things about Skeletonwitch and Dust Bolt so this was a show I certainly didn’t want to miss.

The Bands:

1) Dust Bolt:


1) Mind the Gap

2) Awake the Riot

3) Soul Erazor

4) Taking Your Last Breath

5) SickXbrain

6) Toxic Attack

[Spotify Link: Dust Bolt setlist| djXdId?si=1iLBpFVvT2e4mFK1d8pNrQ]

The crowd was somewhat late arriving due to Atlanta traffic. I was one of the lucky ones that was able to hit the merch stands and still make it to the front rail before the first song was played. These young guns were very enthusiastic and started their set with a strong song in Mind the Gap. Everyone around me was discussing how much they liked their sound. The crowd got behind Dust Bolt quickly regardless of whether they were new listeners or die hard fans.

By the time Dust Bolt hit their 3rd song, the crowd was filling in and the moshing began. It was neat seeing the crowd getting into these guys. I was enjoying the somewhat throwback style thrash. The speed at which they played and the hint of an evil vibe reminded me of one of my favorite bands, Sodom. Obviously Lenny’s voice is not near as harsh as Angelripper, but I’m referring to the music. They also share some similarities with another up and coming Thrash band in Power Trip. I certainly enjoyed their performance and I would definitely be interested in seeing them play live again.

    2) Skeletonwitch:


    1) Red Death, White Light

    2) I am of Death (Hell has arrived)

    3) Black Waters

    4) Fen of Shadows

    5) This Horrifying Force (the desire to kill)

    6) Beyond the Permafrost

    7) Beneath Dead Leaves

    [Spotify Link: Skeletonwitch setlist| L4r?si=zeSXuliZQBKsS6-g1IGKCg]

    I know Skeletonwitch has been around awhile (since 2004), but I honestly haven’t explored their music much. They are listed as Thrash/Melodeath. I would certainly call it Thrash Metal. Once again the crowd was into the performance. As a new listener I must say that my favorite song was easily the song Fen of Shadows off their 2018 album Devouring Radiant Light (set to be released July 20th, 2018). This song shows hints of Black Metal and makes this song stand out from their other songs that are your standard Thrash fair. When this album is released I will certainly give it a proper listen.

    3) Pallbearer:


    1) Watcher in the Dark

    2) Thorns

    3) Dropout

    4) Devoid of Redemption

    5) Worlds Apart

    [Spotify Link: Pallbearer concert setlist| zx?si=UfCku7N_SyuxZYsdfHK4nw]

    Well Pallbearer is one of my favorite bands. They are one of a few bands I’ve seen live 3 times. I saw them as a headliner in 2016 with Bellwitch as the opener. Then I saw them in 2017 as the headliner with Torche and Bask as the supporting bands. I’ve never been disappointed in any of their shows and tonight was no exception.

    The line up for this show was certainly unique with Thrash, Death, and Doom metal all represented well. Most members of the audience were Death Metal fans based on their t-shirts. However, Pallbearer was well received. I was not as fond of the setlist compared to the other two shows. My favorite song The Ghost I Used to Be was missing. Also, they didn’t play I saw the End at this show or in the Fall when I saw them. To me it’s the strongest song off of Heartless, but for some reason they don’t play it that often live. They did end with Worlds Apart which is one of my favorites. This song really got the crowd into the show. Overall I enjoyed the performance as always despite my disappointment in the setlist.

    4) Obituary:


    1) Stinkpuss

    2) Threatening Skies

    3) By the Light

    4) Sentence Day

    5) A Lesson in Vengeance

    6) Chopped in Half

    7) Turned Inside Out

    8) Find the Arise

    9) Turned to Stone

    10) Straight to Hell

    11) Deadly Intentions

    12) Don’t Care


    13) I’m in Pain

    14) Immortal Visions

    15) Slowly We Rot

    [Spotify link: Obituary setlist Masquerade Atlanta 2018| RO2P?si=VGXXQYbZQoWibylrLwNthg]

    This was my first time seeing Obituary live. In the last year I’ve seen some excellent Death Metal bands including Vader, Nile, Behemoth, Cannibal Corpse, and Septicflesh. I must say that Obituary was as good live as all of those bands.

    One unique thing about this tour was the way in which Obituary created their setlist. They put an announcement out on their Twitter page, Facebook page, and in interviews that they wanted feedback from the fans on what songs they wanted them to play. I’m sure this has happened before, but this is the first time I’ve experienced it at a show I attended (at least that I’m aware of).

    The energy of the crowd after Pallbearer had finished playing was at an all time high. Obituary appeased the fans with Stinkpuss from Slowly We Rot. They would play 4 songs Slowly We Rot before the night was over. Next song picked up the pace with a couple of songs from Back From the Dead in Threatening Skies and By the Light. I actually like their self-titled album and they went on to play Sentence Day and A Lesson in Vengeance.

    As great as the first 5 songs were I was happy to see some songs off Cause of Death. The mosh pit went crazy at this point as they play Chopped in Half, Turned Inside Out, and Find the Arise. There was really no lame duck song of their setlist. After a few more songs they ended their main setlist with Deadly Intentions and Don’t Care.

    Nearly the entire audience was convinced Obituary wasn’t done as we had yet to hear a couple of staple tracks from the Band. The place was packed and nearly everyone stayed for the encore. The band ended the night with I’m in Pain, Immortal Visions, and Slowly We Rot. It was a stellar performance from Obituary and the fans showed their appreciation.

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