Album Review: The Sons of Fëanor- Dwarrowdelf

When you combine the epic lore of Tolkien and mix in some well executed Atmospheric Black Metal you know you are in for a treat. It is no secret that a lot of metal heads are also fans of the fantasy realm so one can never go wrong combining the two. Now we all know who Summoning are and there are plenty of others out there seeking to use music as a medium to weave the tales of Middle Earth. It’s not easy to top Summoning but if you read on you will soon find out why Dwarrowdelf deserves to be right up there in the ranks.

Sole member Tom O’Dell is one talented individual to say the least, he has created his debut work The Sons of Fëanor an epic album that tells the tale of the seven sons of a mad elven king. He absolutely knows his stuff and his musicianship shines through this expansive story.

Prominent in most epic Atmospheric Black Metal bands are the use of heavily distorted melodic guitar work and dreamy synth coupled with raspy black ladened growls and shrieks. There is no shortage of that here and if you are a fan of the genre you are in for a real treat. This album is filled with atmosphere and imagery and from the first few minutes of the opening track you are instantly transported to an ultimately dark time that resonates in every song and note.

Combining both clean and harsh vocals O’Dell does a great job of blending this together with a meld of slow folky tracks and faster sections that add diversity and contrast between songs. The guitar work is exceptional and this enhances and breathes life into a very saturated genre of metal. And that right there is one of the many reasons why this deserves to be put up high on a pedestal.

The Sons of Fëanor is an amazing feat and it has definitely earned a spot on my end of year list. Highly recommended to anyone who is a fan of the genre and beyond.

Rating: 4.5/5

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