Album Review: Coffin Birth – Extremity


A while back, not too far mind you, but long enough to be called a while, not an age, or an eternity or anything silly like that, I wrote a short but sharp review of Extremity’s first release “Extremely Fucking Dead”, and this is it right below just to give you some perspective ha-ha. So here it is in all it’s crapulence folks.

“These guys from the Bay Area REALLY like Death Metal. They certainly sound like Death Metal, and they REALLY like sounding like Death Metal, for shits and giggles check out their Facebook page, it’ll tell you how much they REALLY like Death Metal. For what it’s worth I REALLY like their Death Metal. If you like Death Metal you probably will too! Did I mention how much these guys like Death Metal? Oh yeah, I did..”

I also gave it a rating of 3.5/5. Why? Because I thought it was a damn fine display of OSDM done rather well with just a touch of the new. Nothing that would change the direction the Earth spins in or resurrect your favourite grandparent (nobody wants that, imagine the stench), but a thoroughly enjoyable romp through the lands of Death Metal in its glory days with a nod to the here and now all in all. As with all things, it was eventually covered by the myriad of other albums one has to review, and pretty much forgotten about

The news that they had a new one coming out did excite me though, they had laid enough of a foundation of good will in my Death Metal addled mind that I looked forward to hearing it, and now it is here, and the initial framework implanted in my head has now become a far more solid entity due to the undeniable quality of this new one “Coffin Birth”.

Let’s get the usual niceties out of the way and talk about the band first. Yes they are from Oakland California in the Bay Area. Shelby Lermo, who also happens to be in that other amazing band Vastum takes on guitar and vocal duties with what can only be described as deathly diligence. A very dry but deep rasping groan like delivery ensues, the sort that one could easily imagine emanating from some poor dead sod if one was so inclined, and his guitar work is nothing short of Death Metal perfection. All the bases are covered so to speak, from chugging riffs to doomy sinister slower spookiness, he has it all.

Next comes Marissa Martinez – Hoadley, also on guitars and vocals. This lady comes to the party from a band called Cretin, and let me assure you that she most certainly is not one, her backup vocals are of the “I just shit my pants after realising that they had a Wraith on board” variety. Truly chilling when they combine with those of Shelby to create a wall of dread that is almost palpable. Guitar wise, again, simply superb. These two should form a band.  Oh wait, they have ha-ha.

Drum duties are handled impeccably by Aesop Dekker from Vhol, who was also in Agalloch for a good stretch, nine or so years to be precise, and we all love Agalloch don’t we? Not very similar to this band at all but he brings a level of preciseness to the show that is a joy to behold, never an opportunity over embellished, keeping each and every passage alive with energy as he well should. Bass guitar honours go to Erika Osterhout who is involved in a couple of other projects herself, those being Scolex and Trepanation, with whom she plays the guitar. A truly talented individual, the bass being an ever present and clear anchorpoint on this whole release. I am unsure if she is still involved in the project at this stage, and she will be sorely missed if she has given it up to say the least.

Whew, anyway, I felt it necessary to give credit where credit was due to each member, as this is a definite step in the right direction for Extremity. Where the earlier release was like a bludgeoning of the senses in all the right ways, “Coffin Birth” appears, at least to me, to be a more thoughtful and well delivered assault on our sensitivities Yes they still REALLY like Death Metal, yes they still REALLY are intent on being as ghastly as is humanly possible. Over the length of a full album they just get to REALLY spread their foul rotten wings and showcase more of the talent possessed by each and every one of them.

For what it’s worth I REALLY like this one a lot, a REAL lot, and I’m REALLY looking forward to more as time goes on, lets just hope it doesn’t take an age, or an eternity. A while between should suffice. Those of you that read my dribble will know that I do not hand out highlights like shotgun shells during a zombie apocalypse, and I’m not going to yet again. Get it, listen to it, and appreciate the amount of work that has gone into this album. It’s REALLY fucking good. Oh, and did I mention that cover art!!

Rating 4.5/5

You can find this right here, so order it now! You won’t be disappointed


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