Album Review: Unsettling Whispers- Gaerea

We here at The Metal Wanderlust enjoy exploring the various realms that the scene has to offer and oftentimes we find ourselves pleasantly surprised by our discoveries and we are running to share it around. It is no secret that Transcending Obscurity is on fire and continue to deliver album after album that always manage to create a rumble. (Can you tell we are fans?) and Portugal’s Gaerea are a prime example.

When you think of Black Metal all the sterotypes come into play.. Cold, Grim, Frost-Bitten, and quite possibly of Scandinavian orgin but the fact of the matter is that this genre spans to the far corners of the world and everywhere in between.

Unsettling Whispers is not for the faint of heart, there is real struggle here that pulses through the music and is delivered in a powerful collection of emotions that are cultivated from the struggles and despair emanating from the depths of one’s fragile mind.

Musically..What starts off as a slow descent into madness can at any moment unleash into furious harmonies and agonizing vocals. Imagine taking a walk through somewhere that just weighs heavy and is almost unbearable… in other words this album builds you up and then fucks you up. One can get lost in the chaos and frequencies, allow it to linger and settle in.

Gaerea have accomplished what a lot of extreme metal acts thrive to achieve. They have given us one of the most harrowing Black Metal releases so far this year and I do not doubt this will end up on plenty of year end lists. There is no need for a track by track breakdown.. just do yourselves a favor and listen to it.

Unsettling Whispers Can be Purchased Here!

Rating: 4.5/5

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