Interview with Butchered from Arallu


Meddlefan had the opportunity recently to have a chat with the main driving force behind Arallu. If you have not heard of them before may we subtly suggest you check them out. Read on!

What inspired you to start making music.
Hello from Jerusalem and thank you for your interview. I’m Butchered, the main member of Arallu.
When I started listen to the European black metal bands of the 90’s, I really liked the idea of the local folk music inside the raw sound of the black metal. I thought to myself “I can’t play like that. I can’t write music like that. I can feel the cold and the mountains coming out from the speakers! If I will try to sound like that no one will listen to my music. I can’t make it sound like that. BUT if I will bring a special sound and guitar riffs with special instruments combined with them of Middle Eastern sound it will be very interesting”. And that’s what happened.

Who has been the biggest inspiration in your creative writing for your music?
I’m a big fan of the mighty SLAYER. I think you can hear it in our music as well. Other inspiration for our music are: Mayhem, Celtic frost, King Diamond, Deicide, Bathory, Venom. I’m a big fan of the old school, thrash/black metal bands.

Your albums have progressed each time, How do you and the band keep reinventing your sound?
Our special instrument in “SIX” is the Saz. Last album “GENIEWAR it was Sitar and before in “DESERT BATTLES” it was Kanun. We don’t want to repeat ourselves, we try to bring a different side of the Middle Eastern Music every album. Not every part of every song you can add the saz or darbuka or sitar like in the previous album of the band. It takes hours to add these instruments in the right way and right place. But we will do it and work hard for that to bring a new sound to the global metal scene.
Not everyone understands what we’re playing. We are not going with the main stream of black metal music, and that’s ok with us. we’re looking to bring something unique to global metal scene of today. Middle Eastern music is my childhood home music. My father was listening to this music since I was a child.

What are or is your favorite type of music?
Thrash and black metal.

Is the Death Metal scene very big in Israel?
The metal scene in Israel is really small, local bands bring for the top 100 people for the shows. of course when Metallica or GnR coming 40,000 people are coming to see them, but it’s different. Metallica and Helloween are not that extreme, when you compare to the extreme bands like Arallu. Nile for example brought 140 people here. Kreator- 500 people. Its really not much. We have here many metal bands but the scene and the listeners are not big unfortunately.

Do you plan on touring anytime soon?
We probably tour again to Europe October 2018. I’m waiting for more details, but we are supposed to touring Germany, France, Belgium and Switzerland.. I have waited a long time for someone to invite us to tour the USA.

Your music deals with the turmoil in your country, do you think this helps outsiders understand the conflict better?
The situation in Israel is totally different from what you are watching on bbc and cnn. We are trying to bring our view of the conflict here through the music and interviews around the world. If it works and people can understand I really don’t know but I really hope.

With all the turmoil in your country how do you see organized religion today?
I hate that. I really hate the religions and what they represent. Look around you, Where religion dominates, there is destruction and violence. Religions were good for the ancient world when people were stupid and did not know how to behave in society.

What message lies within the Desert battles release?
With Desert Battles album we go back to the ancient time of the Middle East, in the time of Mesopotamia. Around the battles between kings and demons of the ancient regime. Like in the song “THE DEMON CURSE”, and “DESERT BATTLES” you can see how the ancient world was. When kings and demons ruled the world. From the other side “THE KEEPER OF JERUSALEM” was written when my wife was pregnant with my first daughter. This song talks about the dilemma of bringing children in to this cruel world and how to protect them.

What inspired you to re release Desert battles?
The original version of this album come out around March 2009. We have never been satisfied with the results of the final mix and the mastering and that’s why we didn’t release it again after the album copies were sold out in 2013. We got many messages from lots of people that have all albums of the band, but can’t find a copy of this album because the copies sold out a long time ago. Now after the new cover art of Gal “Pixel”, the new vocals the new mix and mastering of Dory Bar Or who made the mix of “GENIEWAR” and “SIX” albums, this album sounds a blast and we released it again via Raven Music.

How has the album Six helped with exposure to your music and the stories within the music?
The “SIX” album exposed Arallu to new Metal fans all around the world. Kunal with Transcending Obscurity Records did a great work promoting this album. Many new fans discover the band and go back to check our previous albums ,and its really great to hear from people who really like our music but have never heard before about Arallu.

Thank You, I appreciate you taking the time to do this interview with me. Great band, and a great guy. you can check out Arallu on the links below!

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