Album Review: The Shadowed Road- Sojourner

Back in 2015 a song entitled Heritage of the Natural Realm made its way into the airwaves and I remember stumbling upon it and thinking whoa where did this band come from? Sojourner was creating quite a buzz in the metal realm and they were picked up by the fantastic Avantgarde Records which lead to their debut release Empires of Ash in 2016. Fast forward to now and the international act has released The Shadowed Road with much anticipation in my book.

Sojourner have created a sound that mixes the atmospheres of bands such as Summoning and Saor, while being completely original in every aspect. If you take a look at the beautiful album artwork which looks like it was picked from the pages of an epic novel, one can be transported to such a place. With this as a backdrop the sheer epic and expansive scale of The Shadowed Road comes into view.

Musically the band has matured since their last album and their sound has become all the more well rounded and formulated. From the start of the first track Winter’s Slumber a dreamy piano graces the ears introducing the listener to the world of Sojourner, while Titan shows the depth of vocals and melody with guest lyrics by Anders Jacobsson of the amazing metal band Draconian.

Ode to the Sovereign starts off with looming guitar and keys and is executed in a fashion that stands as an epitome of what the band is all about, encompassing every element with vigor.

I could spend the rest of this review writing a breakdown of each track but I feel that will just take away from the magic that this album holds. One can definitely expect great things to come from this band and they have managed to once again deliver a beautiful journey to those who listen. Well done Sojourner!

Rating: 4.0/5

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