Album Review: Cult of a Dying Sun- Uada

After what felt like a lifetime Oregon’s own Uada finally have a new album on the horizon entitled Cult of a Dying Sun. Following the glowing reviews and positive feedback of Devoid of Light, this album has come with some pretty high expectations.

Often being compared to other acts such as Mgła Uada in my opinion have their own sound and vibe. All comparisons aside, this sophomore release takes the band’s already prominent aspects and delivers them in a haunting bleak fashion fraught with intense atmosphere and ardor.

Musically the band composes songs that are catchy and meld various influences, from the doomy riffs, infectious melodies, and vocals that range from Black Metal shrieks, chants, and low growls that leave a feeling of darkness enveloping the earths core. The opening track The Purging Fire manifests itself giving off a supreme energy that speaks volumes, then the transition into the following two tracks Snakes and Vultures and Cult of a Dying Sun construct what may as well be impending doom. Slow things down a bit and The Wanderer is sure to cast an otherwordly spell over you but the agression returns with Blood Sand Ash.

The songs on this album are quite long but they do not feel like it. Uada keeps you on the edge of your seat and builds up each track, executing everything with perfect synchrony while still holding your attention. Cult of a Dying Sun is a very well produced album and while it is not groundbreaking, it sure is an amazing effort and follow up to their debut and it is sure to be on repeat for a long time. And if thier music is not enough, their live performances are just as fantastic. If you get a chance do see this band live if you are a fan of Black Metal or any other extreme metal genre.

Rating: 4/5

Cult of a Dying Sun will be released via Eisenwald May 25th 2018.

1. The Purging Fire
2. Snakes and Vultures
3. Cult Of A Dying Sun
4. The Wanderer
5. Blood Sand Ash
6. Sphere (Imprisonment)
7. Mirrors

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