Wormwood Interview (With Lead Singer Nine)

Wormwood is a Melodic Black Metal band from Stockholm, Sweden. The band formed in 2014. I reached out to the lead singer Nine for an interview, and he was gracious enough to participate.

What bands did you grow up listening to?
I skip the boring Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Metallica story which everyone have from their childhood. What album that really stood out for me and what shaped me was the compilation album with various artists named ‘Beauty in Darkness Vol I’ (Nuclear Blast) from 1996. I was eleven at the time when it released. It had bands like Dissection, Therion, Amorphis, In Flames, Cradle of Filth, Tiamat, Theatre of Tragedy, Hypocrisy, and more. It really opened a door to a world of music I never knew existed really. From that I explored even more.
How did you become interested in Black Metal?
I was actually pretty late into the game when it comes to Black Metal. I have liked it since the 90’s, but it wasn’t really until 2006 or so until I really understood how great it was. Some bands that caught my attention was Marduk and Wolves in the Throne Room.

When did you decide you wanted to be a musician?
I really didn’t have any aspirations to become a musician, vocalist or alike. I had some projects at younger age, but it wasn’t until I sent out an add to a website stating I was looking to sing in a death or black metal band, and the band Withershin reached out to me, I knew I wanted to become a vocalist. So my journey started in the black metal band Withershin from Stockholm, which lead me to Wormwood in 2014.
After listening to Ghostlands on multiple occasions I see a complexity to the music rarely seen on debut albums. The different music elements fit together perfectly. Based on this I would assume the band takes some influences from other forms of music rather than simply Black Metal?
Everyone from the band comes from different musical backgrounds. Everything from folk music to 80’s metal music. We didn’t really sit down and said ‘-I think we should have folk tunes, some cheesy 80’s solos and Dire Straits parts on this album’. It all came natural when we started to play the music, try different things. Everything you hear on the album is natural and not planned to please the masses.

Tell me how you came about to form the group Wormwood and what it means to you?
The band started with Rydsheim, Johtun and Borka. They wanted to play some kind of folk rock, metal thing. Though they felt it was lacking something. So, yet again, they found me via an add, so I tried out some rehearsals, and it seemed by black metal vocals and vision was what they wanted. And after a short while, Nox joined, who is a childhood friend of mine and guitarist from Withershin. From there we formed what is now Wormwood.
I can only speak personally what Wormwood means to me. But, what I feel is an unquenchable thirst to explore nature, to embrace our Nordic climate, to be happy of our godlessness and stand in awe before the cosmos. To feel the Void.
Can you describe or explain the artwork for Ghostlands: Wounds from a Bleeding Earth?
I won’t give you a detailed explanation because I want people to find their own meaning behind it, just like the lyrics. But you can see a spirit who’s bleeding, you can see a deep Nordic forest and scars which forms a combination of runes.

How would you describe the Metal Music scene in Stockholm and Sweden in general?
Flourishing. Sweden has always, and will always, be a powerhouse in the metal scene. Stockholm is very strong as well. We have some very big bands and some obscure. Whatever kind of metal sub-genre you’re looking for, you will find it here. Sweden is an immortal name when it comes to metal, and for a good reason.
Can you talk about your recent tours/shows? I believe you toured with Impiety and another favorite band of mine in Asagraum in the Fall. Are there any interesting tour stories that you could share?
It was a great opportunity to meet new people, to tie new contacts and to play in cities we haven’t played in before. To see the professionalism of Dreamtide Music Management & Agency was a great experience. We only have good things to say about them, and the bands.
When it comes to the stories from the road, you know, if I tell you I have to kill you…

Tell me what the future holds for Wormwood?
Many things! I can’t talk about everything, but what I can talk about is that we have the last gig for a few months coming up, Gamrocken in Sweden. After that we will focus on our new album, and let me tell you, if people liked Ghostlands, then they will worship the new one.
There are some other things I can’t go into now, but it’s exciting stuff. Stayed tuned for that!

I would like to thank Nine for taking time to do this interview. I am looking forward to the upcoming album and I hope to catch Wormwood live as well.

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