Album Review: Hades Rising – Defiatory

Greetings and salutations and welcome to the first, of hopefully more, thoughts on music I’ve listened to from the mind of LongStretch
OK, let’s get this shit started. So you know when you listen to an album for the first time and you think, yea it’s ok. That didn’t happen. Let me explain.
The first track In Hell, jumps out through the speakers right from the word go and belts you hard square in the face. Get ready for the commencement of hostilities. Pure thrash through and through. Guitar riffs that heave you along kicking and screaming into the second track, Dance of the Dead, here we go again, bit more volume is compulsory. How good is this. Third number, favourite track on the album. Ghostly voice sets the scene and then sensory overload. If, I’m going to hell then I want this to play on the elevator on the way down. If I happen to be going the other way, which is unlikely, I’m sure they’ll be just as enthusiastic. The fourth offering, is full on aggression. Little bit of Slayer in track 5 but well, you know, why wouldn’t you. Nothing wrong with borrowing from the best eh. Tracks 6 and 7, strong tracks again. Same great riffs and thumping drum track that pushes the rhythm along at a great rate of knots. “let me lead you through the gates, into the abyss” ARGHHHHHH now I’m singing along as well.
And so it goes on through tracks 8, 9, 10 and 11. I wanted to write something about each track but there’s only so much room and superlatives. I fuckin love this!!!!! Awesome melodies, amazing guitar riffage and the power of the voice as an instrument is here in abundance.
From the first to the last song this album is killer. If Defiatory wanted to create an album of superior and authentic thrash metal then they succeeded.
By the way, check out the artwork on the cover while you’re listening. Very cool.

So, for those on the thrash branch of the metal tree, take out the much loved air guitar, plug into laptop, stereo or wherever your music resides, crank it up, and piss off the neighbours. YAY!!!!!
For those who reside on other branches, have a listen. You may not agree with me but you will have listened to some damn good metal and hey, isn’t that what it’s all about.
So there you go, a little light in the dark recesses that I call my mind. Hope it prompts you to go out and part with some hard-earned, because you won’t get sick of listening to this.
Rating – 4/5

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