Album Review: Agios O Fotiá- Hvile I Kaos

Album Artwork: Lone Wolf Productions

After much delay on my part I have finally gotten around to writing about a favorite here at The Metal Wanderlust, Hvile I Kaos whose steadfast sole member Kakophonix has weaved together a collection of songs for his debut album Agios O Fotiá which translates to “Oh Holy Fire” in Greek.

Now for those who don’t know or who have yet to read my previous reviews and features Hvile I Kaos plays ritualistic chamber music in the vein of Black Metal, in a sense it is stripped down and all instrumention is done by Kakophonix himself and he does it in a way that speaks to the listener.

Agios O Fotiá sees Kakophonix at his strongest, each song serves as communication between himself and a god or dieties. The tracks are delivered with layered cello, violin, and acoustic guitar that immediately move you to another realm where you may grapple with various emotions and demons.

The songs themselves are ritualistic in nature and are presented so in a flurry of different soundscapes that can be slow and atmospheric but then in an instant can change to something all together ingrained.

If you you want to take a listen to something that is completely deep rooted and straight from the core give this album a go. I promise that you will be both enthralled and hopefully you will walk away with a new respect for very raw and ritualistic music.

4.5/5 Rating


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