Album Review: Cist – The Frozen Casket


A Cist, it can be one of two thing’s. The first one that will spring to your mind is a growth of some sort, that may lead you to some discomfort. The second being an ancient burial chamber (i.e a coffin)  that is made of wood or some such horrible monstrosity. Either way, I’ll bet you didn’t know that, but you will end up in one if you don’t pay attention to the other. How does this help with this band? Let us continue.

Death Metal. Yes Death Metal is what you are given here, nothing more and certainly nothing less. Harken back to the early days of, well I’m going to have to say it now, so Death and Obituary, and you will find much to enjoy. Vocalist Vitaliy certainly gives us his best Chuck/John Tardy impersonation, and the rest of the band follow suit in their delivery.

Not much to dig into here folks explanation wise, but it is some cracking shit. Some of the musical passages will make you think you took a step back in time, fuck that, who am I kidding, they will all remind you of something, but hey those death grunts and those vocals are well worth it. You are a fan of early Death Metal right?

My suggestion? Have a listen. For those of you that know, it’s a fucking enjoyable ride down memories lane, and for those who don’t.. Wise up and listen to some classic Death Metal done oh so well. Who knows, it may grow on you.


Rating: 4/5

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