Album Review: Black Celestial Orbs- Veiled

The essence of feelings and tangible emotions that music has the power to deliver is something that is sought after and in the world of metal those feelings are a constant presence. If you are not familiar with the band Veiled they hail from Pennsylvania and were formerly known as Gnosis of The Witch. Now under a new name, the band has released their debut album via Iron Bonehead Productions entitled Black Celestial Orbs.

For being a duo this band does an exceptional job at weaving a sound all their own which is refreshing and yet familiar in the realm of USBM. Vocalist and guitarist Niðafjöll along with drummer Dimman (Grá, Cursed 13, Dark Funeral) unveil the mysteries that often come into fruition from the deep recesses of the mind. A story foretold through music and emotions. Luminous sets the mood and caliber for the album, the vocals creating a trance like state of melodies to propel the listener forward, while Portal opens up new dimensions that are all together real. The last two title tracks aptly titled Black Celestial Orbs leave you at the end of the journey, a sense of completion as the last notes ring through.

Musically Veiled have created a sound that fits well with other USBM bands but in a way that is refreshing and keeps your attention. Not much more can be said except that this is one that needs to be listened to to formulate your own opinion.

Rating: 4.0/5

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