Album Review: Methistopheles- Sixes

“Worship Amps Not Gods”, this is the mantra that the Southern California Doom Metal band Sixes stand by and this definitely suits the nature of their overall sound and image. After their single A Cross to Burn was released Methistopheles became one of the most anticipated albums to make their mark in the books. While there are a lot of Doom Metal bands out there Sixes take their craft to a very dark place with no room to breathe, the constant feedback is a powerful reminder that no where is safe. Their music borderlines apocalyptic, and is fraught with imminent ruin.

Consisting of six tracks this album harnesses all that is familiar with the genre and more. Each one flows seamlessly together but at the same time presenting differences that make them all unique which is what makes Sixes a master at their craft. There is something new at every turn and it is sure to make you contemplate what is real and what may very well be a hellish trip into the ominous void of oblivion.

From the first distant overdriven notes of Acid God that are like the harbingers of doom channeled within, into the harrowing vocals there is already a plethora of uneasiness looming in the forefront. Jumping into the aforementioned track A Cross to Burn Sixes have already planted a filthy muck driven seed that mix elements of Sludge, Doom, and Black Metal into one insanely addictive brew.

Perhaps the addtion of a pipe in the hand of the demon Mephistopheles that graces the album artwork is homage to the deep rooted emotions that are so prevalent in Sixes doomy medium. Fogbreather keeps things going and in my eyes is a doom anthem of sorts that still adheres to the darkness that is spewed to the masses in the form of colossal feedback.

Now I try not to write track by track breakdowns but I feel this album speaks exponential volumes and each song possess a refreshing take on the genre and this leads into the title track. Methistopheles is a journey in itself, a walk down the left hand path that speeds up into a barrage of Black Metal riffage like bullets propelling themselves into a pit. Its amazing in every sense. The last two tracks slow things down again and the last track Voidkiller showcase haunting clean vocals that are the perfect ending to an amazing album.

Sixes are a force to be reckoned with and the overlords of feedback and distortion will rejoice. No joke, this album is so heavy that it caused my rearview mirror in my car to fall off, thats saying something. Be sure to check this album out and support this band. Methistopheles will be released March 1st via Black Bow Records.

5/5 Rating

Stephen Cummings – Vocals, Guitar
Hannes Bogacs – Guitar
Zander Reddis – Bass
Dustin Daniels – Drums


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