EP Review: The Creeping Unknown – Noose Rot

noose rot

Just fucking wow. Now first and foremost this is actually an EP. Such Immense proportions does it contain that you will forget that as your skin is flayed from your nether regions. Seriously, you are going to need some protection down there when this thing kicks in, and don’t say you weren’t warned.

The intro to the first track ‘Mass Grave Interment’ begins for mine as almost a call to war. It sounds a bit tinny, almost as if it where coming to you from one busted speaker, yet the simple melody on display is fitting, and then the drums kick in, and the soldiers line up in orderly fashion to the almost Martial beat. Weapons check yes. Nerves a little frayed but here we go boys. It’s our time.

The melee begins, men running at one another with the intent to commit bloody chaos, and then suddenly out of nowhere It arrives. The Creeping Unknown all full of hate and blasphemy and RIPS YOUR FUCKING HEAD CLEAN OFF! A spectacular and defining moment that you will clearly revel in.

It, The Creeping fucker is wiping men from the plane of existence like a paintbrush painting the greatest of artworks. Colours fly as blood and bile and bone are shredded by it’s intensity, the sheer weight of the sound it is emitting makes the blood boil under the skin and the skull cave in as if it were mere paper. The only sound that comes from the soon to be deceased is almost like a backwards breath as their puny forms become mincemeat.

This is the sound of Ancient cities been reduced to rubble by unspeakable forms that arrive with no warning. The sound of Volcano’s pouring hot lava on the populace in the night whilst they sleep, only to be awoken by a terrible roaring and the end of their pitiful life.

A dark god spewing foul hate at the world that has thus denied his very existence. War and crushing oppression, Filth and famine and plague. The end of days. Shudder now in your safety mortal because once heard there is no return to the normality of your being. Comparable to some of the gods of old it may be, but this entity has learned much and applies all of the lessons into making the very Earth shake around you and delights in the fall of man.

A pedigree of sorts is to be found in it’s malevolence. Souls picked up from other godly acts that still exist, and yet the Gatecreeper, the Wolvhammer and the Skeletonwitch have yet to realize that their union will surely mean the destruction of the very world they inhabit.

I await the arrival of The Creeping Unknown. I tire of my attempts on my own life with the noose, for it is surely a rotten way to die. Far better to be blasted into oblivion by such a majestic entity.

Rating: 4.5/5

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