Album Review: Rotten- Scumpulse

Since the release of their 2015 EP By Design Scumpulse have left their mark but with their debut album Rotten they have raised the bar, delivering the most infectious blend of metal that one could ask for. Black Metal meets grind and crust in a power packed collection of songs filled with the most catchy of riffs and all around solid musicianship. Its a match made in heav.. No a match made in hell!

2015’s By Design was only the start for these fine gents out of Edinburgh, a sort of stepping stone into all around maturity. I can say I have been a fan since but Rotten is one for the bloody books! From the very first notes Scumpulse unleash into their tasty brew of Blackened Crust with the track Alba Gu Bràth, which immediately sets the tone for what is about to explode into manic fury. Between the scum filled vocals of Ross Necro, the juicy riffs by Magneto, and the force of drummer Andrew Rankine there is really no safe space. Not to mention it is all brought together by Bassist Matt Dean and guitars by Ross.

The title track Rotten is enough to make even the most vile of creatures crawl from the sewers while Gnawed by Pigs is a homage to the compelling sounds of Black Metal but still adding that little hint of crust which makes this a stand out song to say the least but then again they all stand out! There is even a little thrash thrown in that will make you bang your head, heard in the track Pure Jakebawlocaust

If you aren’t sold by this point then perhaps you are at the wrong gig. Scumpulse are here to make an impression and if you are a fan of any of the aforementioned genres you are definitely in for a treat. Do yourselves a favor and be sure to preorder the album HERE!

Rotten will be released on February 23rd via Gorehouse Productions.


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