A Look Into the World and Roots of Mosaic

A while back I was asked by the man behind the Atmospheric Black Metal Band Mosaic Inkantator Koura to feature his band here on The Metal Wanderlust, there was no question about my desire to say yes. I had heard about Mosaic prior to this and I remember being very moved by what I had heard. There are a lot of bands who seek out to use their music as a medium for their emotions but Mosaic uses it to deliver the messages of Mysticism, Legends, Nature, and Traditions. The way it is delivered is perfect in every form and one that is sure to please fans of the Black Metal Genre.

Imagine being taken on a journey through cold dark atmospheres in the middle of Winter. Distant voices motion you to the light, echoing the wisdom and lore of the very land you are travelling upon. The guitars drip with melodies and are the perfect contrast to the various voices and chants that are so prominent in this music. The atmosphere really takes the cake here, it is both beautiful and haunting in every form. There are not a lot of bands that have accomplished what Mosaic has and their music deserves recognition. This is the perfect soundtrack to cold nights by the fire or if you simply want to lose yourself in something completely refreshing and adventurous.

With all of that being said delve in and read a little background on Mosaic by Inkantator

MOSAIC is the successor of the now defunct occult death metallers ALCHEMYST (Nekromanteion, Iron Bonehead Productions 2013). Mosaic specializes in creating unique soundscapes mixing both harsh black metal and mystik neofolk. This one-man project is based in Thuringia (Central Germany) and is really one of a kind and already a prominent underground act on European soil. The lyrical content is based on regional tales and legends, as well as Alchemy, Mysticism and traditions. The pulsating heart of the band is Inkantator Koura – who is also a member of Sun of the Sleepless, Nachtmystium, Ysengrin and Vivus Humare – he is supported by E.H. of Wolfhetan and Sterbend Besungen on drums and percussion.

In January 2017 their 2014 EP “Old Man’s Wyntar” was re-released by the German based label Eisenwald (home of Pillorian, Forteresse, Uada, Alda among many others), as a special deluxe edition. This version also includes an additional chapter with three new tracks expanding the total playtime to 80min.

This is the definitve soundtrack for the cold season and we want to present you this special gem with the 22+ min closing track “Silver Nights” – (which we are dealing with exactly this time of year) The twelve nights and the wild hunt. In Nordic Mythology allfather Odin is leading the Wild Hunt – Mosaic focuses on the regional tale where Mother Hulda (similar to Perchta, Berchta, the dark Mother, also Freya) holds the Wild Hunt over the Hörselberg (“hear the souls [in the} mountains”).

This monumental track features some impressive guest appereances like: Scorpios of Crimson Moon on Bass Guitar, Erik Gärdefors of Grift who’s howling through the night, Bartholomäus Resch of Our Survival Depends on Us on additional vocals and atmosphere to name just a few.

And now take the time and sit down and listen to “Silver Nights“.




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