Album Review: Under the Mountain- King Witch


We here at The Metal Wanderlust receive quite a few promos in our inbox and sometimes we come across a gem, one that completely blows us away and we are left with the sudden urge to share with the masses what has graced our ears. Once such album is the upcoming debut by King Witch entitled Under The Mountain, which will be released on March 16th via Listenable Records. This band out of Scotland is a powerhouse taking influences from heavy metal greats. Their sound is huge and their riffs are melodic and will stick in your head for days. Imagine Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Mastodon, and some Traditional Heavy Metal are thrown in a blender and poured out.. perfectly smooth and no inconsistencies. Well you will have King Witch.


Under The Mountain takes you on a journey and vocalist Laura Donnelly has one of the most versatile powerful voices I have heard in years. Going from the bewitched vocals familiar with Doom to straight in your face heavy metal melodies she has the capability to make any song off this album stay with you and resonate and that right there is pure talent. Not only the vocals but the music itself is amazing and they both meld together flawlessly, Donnelly keeping her vocals in synchrony with the instrumentation. The track Carnal Sacrifice takes you on a bloody trip through the eyes of an innocent pawn, the guitar riffs unforgiving in nature while Solitary hones melodies of loneliness and solitude. Aside from the doom and heavy hitting mayhem the track Ancients slows things down entirely with a Bluesy sound that harnesses the beauty and depth that span the mountains in Scotland.

King Witch possess something very special here, new and refreshing and one that keeps growing after every listen. It has been some time since I have gone and raved about a band to every person who will take the time to listen to my ramblings and they deserve all the recognition. Taking so many aspects of the Heavy Metal realm and putting all of those influences into one huge album is sure to cause a stir and a rumble through the sound waves. I look forward to what this band has in store for the future and please take the time and Pre-Order HERE




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