Album Review: Cosmic Crypt – Mammoth Grinder


Mammoth Grinder. I’ll say it again, just because it sounds cool. Mammoth Grinder.. Ha-ha, now ladies and gentlefolk, with a name like that what would you be thinking they are all about. A difficult question no doubt, or a dead set no brainer, anyone who names themselves after making mince meat out of a big wooly beast from days gone by already has my attention.

Oh yes, they grind the fuck out of the poor beast, and give it the right royal death sentence it deserves. They also throw in some d beat to make sure it gets minced good and proper. Nothing like a little d beat to get your toes a tapping whilst making hamburgers out of ancient critters.

Is it Death? Is it Crust? maybe it’s Grind. No it’s a collection of all of the above, and it’s just fucking superb. Heavy shit done the right way by people who obviously have a passion for it.

Chris Ulsh from legendary thrash band Power Trip handles the grunting viciousness on this one, and the bottom end as well on the bass. Crushing enough in its own right, and he does a fucking great job of both. Joined by Mark Bronzino from Iron Reagan on the crusty filth filled guitar of all unholiness, and Ryan Parrish ( also from Iron Reagan) on the drum kit that must have brought about the extinction of the dinosaurs, there is no fuckery to be had here.

No respite here for the wicked, no rest for the weary soul. This release is all about the fun you can have by destroying everything around you, be it ancient or your meticulously well looked after collection of used celebrity underwear, you will destroy it all after one listen.

Fucking Mammoth indeed, A huge hairy tusked beast awaits for you to enjoy in a more edible form. Get your teeth into it, as broken as they may be after this.

Rating – 4.5/5

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