Album Review: The Salvation Death Brings – Plagis


So our good friend Dasimus ‘Plagues’ Plagarin has indeed for all intents and purposes been one hell of a busy individual. Having started doing this in only 2016, no fewer than 11 releases have followed. Admittedly most of these have been singles after the initial demo, but two full length albums ‘Blood and Chaos’ and this one ‘The Salvation Death Brings’ are among them. Pretty huge effort I would say.

The music itself? Well it’s basically a mix of styles, ranging from Black Metal (probably the most significant part of the mix), mixed with a little dash of Death and a smidgen of Extreme for mine. For the most part it is extremely blackened so let’s just run with that, and I think most would agree.

Having not heard a single thing up until now gives me a clear aspect from which to review, and I must say, I kinda like what I’m hearing. The thing that makes this even more impressive is that it is a solo project, and I have always had great admiration for anyone that can not only get off their arse and be involved in any kind of metal project, but chooses to go it alone.

The music itself is not going to re-invent the upside down cross, it is very similar to a lot of other blackened music, but for the most part is rather interesting to say the least. Production values are at a minimum, so it will appeal to the Kvlt amongst us, yet edgy enough to keep the rest of you listening. Some of the spoken parts (I have no idea who speaks them) are very engaging.

Okay some aid was given on a track or two by a couple of fellow musicians, shout outs to Haedus on track two and some vocal work by a person named Their on track 5, but this is obviously the vision of Dasimus, and I can kind of see where it is going. In parts it can sound a bit messy with so much going on, but then other moments will draw you straight back in.

Overall, very commendable. The mix can be a bit over the top, sometimes it seems a little sloppy, but in the end very worthy of a listen. If this is just the beginning then a promising future awaits. Everyone starts somewhere, and with the amount of drive that appears to be behind this project I look forward to hearing more. ‘Slaves to the Graves’ is an absolute belter of a song.

Give it a go, you may well see what I am seeing.

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