Album Review: Last Legion- Muspelheim

Twilight has passed, and upon the horizon you see flames rise, and out of the flames comes Last Legion, men of Surtr, ready to meet you at the worlds end. These giants hail from New York, where they wield melodic riffs with full discoursed growls upon their new awakening. And they request your courage to face chaos with their second release album, Muspelheim on January 15th, 2018.


Last Legion’s epic tracks, take their love of Norse Mythology and Metal in a way that is Heavy, Melodic and Fearless. Having the pleasure to listen to the album, Muspelheim, Last Legion will most definitely gratify your ear drums, they are raw and unforgiving. Tracks such as “Arsenal”, “Muspelheim”, “God of Chaos” and “Hall of the Slain” are undeniably an extraordinary compendium of Viking/Melodic Death Metal, that will put Last Legion at the forefront of 2018’s new upcoming metal bands.


Last Legion has 2018 by the edge of a sword, and I most certainly agree that things are looking up for them. Vocalist, Jayson Ayala says that they will “Keep forging. Keep moving forward, never stop.  We have a music video coming out for “God Ov Chaos” when the album is released January 15th.  We hope to do a second video for the song “Arsenal.”  That song will be included in a feature film called “Tully” starring Charlize Theron that is scheduled to be released in April.  We are currently working on Album #3 as we speak.  And we hope to hit the road and do a tour at some point this year as well.”

Make sure to give these guys a listen, they will most definitely make you a fan and have you headbanging in no time.  For those already on battlefield, Last Legion “…would like to thank anyone who has attended our shows. donned our merch, or otherwise spread word of the Legion.  The Legion Marches on…” and it sure does with epic tails of courage, deities, heroes, and war.


Last Legion:

Jason Ayala – Vocals

Chris Sampath – Guitars/Vocals

Dubek Kim – Guitars

Rich Mollo – Bass

Ameer Aljallad – Drums

Last Legion’s album Muspelheim is available through Gravel Entertainment at

Follow Last Legion at:

Twitter @LastLegionBand

Instagram @LastLegionBand

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