Album Review: Inner Sanctum Immolation – Karcist


Los Angeles, the city of Angels. Yeah like fuck because there is nothing angelic about this release at all kiddies. The opening track ‘The Leech’ comes straight out at you and latches onto your soul like the very fucking thing it is about, and blood will follow!

Black Metal it is for sure, with a touch of death and a ton of melody. These guy’s charge straight out of the gates of Hell with the intent to kill you and all you love. Impressive musical ability abounds, as do the usual Black Metal tropes, but fuck me with the soft side of a sledgehammer if they don’t just throw all said conventions out the window to their untimely demise.

When you are not having your spleen removed by the sheer velocity on offer from these guys they will bury you deep into the soil with doom laden madness. At the moment they are only a two man band! Two fucking dudes that have somehow put together an album that has destroyed my 2017 best of list!

Kyle Netland on vocals is a monster. There can be no doubt of this. The amount of unholy noise that exits this mans throat makes me think that if their where any angels in LA they would all be instantly damned upon hearing him spew forth his vile litany. He doesn’t just stick to one kind of roaring hatred, one minute sounding like Satan himself and the next a rotting screaming wraith kind of fucked up tortured soul.

The Guitarist Anthony Tirado surely has six hands. Each one capable of different speeds, different melodies and must also possess the ability to spew pea and ham soup at great distances such is his evil. Every listen brings about a subtle nuance or riff that you didn’t pick up before. His head probably can turn around full circle to for that matter.

I am simply blown away by this release. The best bit kiddies is that you can buy it on Bandcamp for however much you choose! Astounds me how music of such excellence can go for fuck all, but there it is. If you don’t buy this may the many hounds of Satan hunt you down and bite all of your limbs off so that you are just lying there thinking to yourself ‘how the fuck am I going to explain this to my mum’. Yes, you should have listened to me you fool.

Fucking exceptional. And if you are a little concerned by my flowery language during this review I say go fuck yourself. I get like that when I’m excited.

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