SCUMPULSE: Debut Album By UK Black/Grind Act To See Release Via Gore House Productions; Metal Injection Premieres “Alba Gu Bràth” Video 

 View/share the “Alba Gu Bràth” video by SCUMPULSE at THIS LOCATION.

 Los Angeles-based extreme metal label Gore House Productions confirms the February release of Rotten, the scorching debut album by Scottish outfit SCUMPULSE. An official video for the album’s “Alba Gu Bràth” has been premiered through Metal Injection as the label issues preorders for Rotten.

Founded in 2013, Edinburgh-based SCUMPULSE follows a previously-released EP and single with one of the most anticipated albums to hail from the Gore House compound. Their debut album, Rotten, delivers eight punishing tracks of perfectly blended crusty, blackened metallic grindcore. Eight tracks align into a savage, thirty-eight-minute assault, bridging influences from Darkthrone and Impaled Nazarene to Carcass and Exhumed.Rotten was recorded between Black Cave Recordings, Chamber Studios, and s9fifty, and mixed/mastered by Andrew Rankine, and completed with artwork by Kasper “Sandullos” Povlsen. Be forewarned, Rotten is a debut you do not want to miss.

 Metal Injection has debuted an official video for Rotten‘s lead track, “Alba Gu Bràth,” which was directed by Piotr Bajor, the popular website noting of the track, “there’s some thrash, some straight up death metal, a little grind, and even a touch of a breakdown here and there. It’s an engaging listen in that way where you’re gonna find a few different ways to headbang.”

 See SCUMPULSE’s “Alba Gu Bràth” at THIS LOCATION.

 Rotten will see release through Gore House Productions on CD and digital formats on February 23rd; preorders are now available HERE. Watch for additional audio samples and more to be issued ahead of the record’s release.

 Rotten Track Listing:

1. Alba Gu Bràth

2. Rotten

3. Broken Reflection

4. Gnawed By Pigs

5. King Of Dogshit

6. Pure Jakebawlocaust

7. Wage Decay

8. Sand And Dust


1/11/2018 Bannermans – Edinburgh, UK

2/09/2018 Opium – Edinburgh, UK

2/10/208 Monty’s – Dunfermline, UK

3/03/2018 Funeral Fest – Barrow, ct

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