Album Review: Tellurian Concepts – Eccentric Pendulum

How does one even begin to describe this, for want of a better word, album. Right from the outset it cannot fail to grab your attention, almost as if you have stumbled across some bizarre World Music that somebody has popped onto your listening device while you weren’t looking as a joke. Funny thing is though, this is no joke at all.

Disconcerting Insect noises and pan flute make for one very eerie intro trust me, and then comes the punchline, or in this case just the punch. The middle track just blasts out at you like the intro never even existed. Maybe you have your wires crossed, or maybe you should keep listening. I chose to continue further into the weirdness.

After some monumental riffing that definitely fits right up the bands Progressive label, a bloody saxophone gets thrown in the mix, and yet again it fits. This is not your Lost Boys Soundtrack type of sax either, it’s use is made to unsettle one even further, sounding more tortured than anything, with for mine a nod towards some of the more obscure acts from the mid eighties like Arcadia (A side project of some of the Duran Duran boys).

As loathe as I am to have to compare bands to others I feel the need to do so with this release, as it is the only way I can explain so bear with me. The second act that springs to mind whilst spinning this one is of course Tool, particularly in their Lateralus incarnation. And having said that I mean only in the way the songs seem to effortlessly mesmerize the listener and keep you hanging on as riff after riff pound away at you.

The bass work on this work of art is also particularly noteworthy, the tone is just incredible and Arun has a seriously impressive set of chops on him. Kaushal handles the vocals in the best possible way, keeping it all dark  and sinister just the way we like it, probably the only familiar thing that you will find on this album. Arjun and Ankit on guitars are simply astounding, with a flair for both crushing intensity and incredible creativity within their solos. Vibhas on drums just kills it to perfection.

An extremely talented bunch of individuals that aptly earn the Eccentric bit, and just like any Pendulum worthy of its moniker this release does swing back and forth with the greatest of ease. After the unsettling intro the joke was on me for not listening sooner. It almost sounds as if these fine folk are just sitting around the studio doing whatsoever pleases them, having that effortless sense of nothing being forced, the music just organically coming together in a dream like state of sheer brilliance.

Dreamlike indeed, Eccentric through and through, India strikes again with another band of such incredible diversity that if you are not impressed, you need to go have a long hard look at yourself, and question why you are so jaded. Fantastic.

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